Friday, April 16, 2010

Another day...

...another headache. (I think that's a line from an old Muppet Show skit. But it fits, doesn't it?)

Actually, today hasn't been too awful. I'm still house shopping. The good news is we've managed to find another house that we like. I guess. It will work, anyway. (I am NOT a huge fan of a split foyer, but my husband likes them. I am going to compromise on this note, and make up for it by stealing a large room for my own. Can you say new quilt room??) And- more good news- this time the people are at least willing to talk about selling it to us. So that's good. No actual news to report on how its going, but hopefully, we'll know something soon.

Since I'm still away from home, I haven't gotten a lot done. I will say, however, that I have accomplished more than I thought I would. If I hadn't forgotten to bring my camera, I could show you, but... I only brought my charm quilt to work on, but I have succeeded in adding about 20 more pieces to it over the last couple of days. That's a lot more than I thought I would do. I think it was mostly nerves. It seems to help with waiting and worrying if I have something to at least occupy my hands... (I guess you all knew that already. Especially if that something is a yummy yarn or fabric...)

I should probably explain. Especially since I forgot my camera... My charm quilt is an ongoing project that I've been working on 5 years or so. I can't remember exactly when we started collecting the fabrics for it. I work on it off and on (mostly off, obviously) when I need a hand project or when I happen to think about it. Whichever. My best friend and I both decided we wanted to do a charm quilt, and we both actually picked hexagons as our basic unit. We pooled our stashes to get the start of our fabrics and then we had great fun in quilt shops buying up different (mostly novelty) fabrics to add on from there. She is actually arranging hers in a traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern, and if I want to be truthful, she is probably much farther along than I am with mine.

Because of all the novelty prints that we got (which was great fun- we got to carry bolt after bolt to the cutting table and ask for "just 1/4 yard please") it will probably be more of an ISpy quilt than anything else. I decided that I wanted a different sort of arrangement, so I opted for a larger hexagon-2 inch, I think- and I am working on a sort of star pattern. I will probably have diamonds inside the arms of the stars (if that makes sense). I hope to get it finished in the next year or so. Maybe. If all of the other projects I need to do don't beat it up and throw it to the back of the line again... And if this whole moving house thing doesn't drag on forever...

Anyway, that's all the news from this part of the woods. Happy stitching until next time.

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