Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Big Move. (also known as I HURT!!)

I can barely move today. We loaded the entire house into trailers last night. And then unloaded the two little ones in the evening when they got to a temporary destination. (They have to be returned today...) We filled an entire 8' by 9' by 28' trailer to the roof (except for the last 5 feet or so. Not quite enough that was unbreakable and stuffable there at the end). The entire house was supposed to fit into that trailer. I had severe doubts about that, but the company insisted that it would fit. Maybe if they had done the packing... but probably not. I doubt that anyone took into account books and quilting supplies when they figured all of that up.

Anyway, we filled it. With stuff left over. Enough stuff to fill up a U-Haul trailer. Except that they told us that the only ones they had available were 5' by 8's. Which are tiny. So we had to get two. And we still filled up the back of both trucks and the CRV. All of these were unloaded yesterday. I repeat, I HURT!

Now the waiting begins. We wait on these people to finish buying that house. We wait on the other people to finish the paperwork on the house we are buying. We wait, and wait, and wait....
My husband figures we will be technically homeless for about 20-30 days while all the paperwork is finished. I'm hoping and praying that it will be quicker than that. And then it begins all over again. The cleaning, the painting, the unloading of the trailer(s), the furniture moving, the unpacking.... YUCK!!!!!

In the meantime, we are mooching off of various relatives. Little Miss is adorable and gets us through the door ; )... And hopefully, we can switch off every week or so. Maybe we won't wear out our welcome too badly... I will be sooooo glad when its all finally over and unpacked!! Maybe then, I can get into my new quilt room and get some work done. Especially after Hubby's comments as we were loading it.

Can you believe he actually wants me to get rid of it all??!? I almost had heart failure when he threatened to sell it for... whatever it was. I was hyperventilating by then so I missed the actual number... I think he was kidding. Sorta... 80-20. His reasoning is that I have so much fabric and don't use it. I say that I do use it! I'm just slow!! I used to be a little bit faster (a little bit) back before I got married and had a baby... but I do use it. A lot of it is waiting on me to have time to put it together. All of the pieces are there, just needing to be cut and assembled. And I'm working on it! Really!! (One of his reasons for wanting to move down here is that I will have LOTS of help with the Little Miss. Apparently, I'll be lucky to ever even see her, there will be so many people fighting to babysit her...He claims, anyway...) Most of the rest of my stash is waiting on one or two accent fabrics to be found. Once I find the perfect fabric, they will go into tops. Some of them have been waiting for a while now. Mostly because I forget to take a swatch with me to look for that fabric. I will admit that a lot of my fabric is a "just because I like it!" purchase. But I use them too! Charm quilts and scrap quilts and all sorts of reasons for having them... I'm pretty sure he was kidding, but it worried me a little.

I packed a lot of little projects to take into exile with us. I hope I'll get a chance to work on them. Maybe if I get a lot accomplished he'll stop making such sick comments? I know he's allowed to tease a little bit, but that is just going too far! : ) I should have plenty of time to work when we visit down here in Tennessee. My daughter ignores my existence when she has her Papaw and her Momaw(s) around. For days, she ignores me...

Let's see if I can remember what I packed... The charm quilt, the dresden blocks, the Scooby pieces, the scarf, the yo-yos, the BOM, the Christmas project (part of it)...I think that's all. We'll see if any of it gets close to finished, I guess. And when I finally get into my new quilt room.... well, we'll see I suppose.

Until then, happy stitching!

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