Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a quick peek... the new house. Sorry it isn't a particularly great picture. I'm guessing the light was just wrong for photos. This is the best one I could get.

And then just to make you feel better about your own little corners of the world, here are a few shots of some of my piles...

As you can see, there is NO organization here!

This is just the smaller side of the garage. The larger side is at least this bad. Possibly worse. But the pictures that will prove it are even worse than the one of the house... so you're spared. Lucky! : )

More piles. YUCK!! I'm afraid I will be buried in piles of stuff for the next five years. At least. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get to the things I need to find. Unfortunately, I seem to open each box to find stuff I don't need right this minute. And the stuff I DO need pretty quickly, I just haven't found yet... To top it all off, they're still bringing stuff in. A lot of the things from the in-law's is still coming in by pickup truck-load... We should theoretically have almost everything moved in by tonight. Then it will just mean sorting through it all, trying to find the important things to get us through the summer...
Hopefully, all of the painting will be over with soon. Once that's done, it will be a lot easier to sort through this stuff. (Right now, I'm having to leave a nice big open space around the perimeter of the quilt room so that the painting crew can get to the walls. Once I don't have to worry so much about that two things can happen. 1) I can get some of that stuff out of the garage and actually unpacked and sorted, and 2) I can finally start hunting out all of my quilting stuff and put my room together... I just cannot wait for that!
I guess there is a little good news here. We do finally have a house again. That's always a wonderful thing. And we did manage to get a little furniture into the correct rooms (but not all of it- yet). That means that a couple of the rooms are actually looking alright, if totally cluttered. Just missing details, I guess. There is only one room in the house that I think is actually done. The bathroom down the hall has been scrubbed, unpacked, and even pictures up! YAY! One room down... way too many to go... Oh, well. I guess my aching back and I will take any little victories we can get, huh?
Time for me to get back to work. No sewing to report at all for the last few days. And I guess there won't be until we find all of our stuff.... That's pretty good incentive for unpacking, isn't it? And I have another one. Once this house is unpacked and put away, I have decided not to do anything else (except for the obviously required stuff like cooking and taking care of Little Miss) for the rest of the summer. I am going to relax and try to enjoy the new house and yard...
Until next time, happy stitching!

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