Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just a very quick update...and a few small musings...

...for those of you who may be interested.

Still waiting on our house, so therefore, still homeless and borrowing computers and internet.
Not much really to report, which is why the long break in posting. I've been taking care of Little Miss and slowly working away on the charm quilt. I've almost finished the last round of the star, and nearly ready to start building the diamonds. (Well, actually, I've already got one diamond pretty much assembled, because I wanted to make sure that I had counted hexes correctly, and the darn thing would actually fit in between the star points...)

I've been doing a lot of thinking during these last few weeks. And I've been making lists. (Which is a thing I do. I have no idea why I do it. Apparently, I write things down because I think that if I write it down, it will actually happen??? No idea why I would think that, as all of my lists seem to end up abandoned, and a new list started- containing nearly identical things- within the week... Makes sense, no? ; ) I know, not really.)

Most of my thinking has involved this new house. We are supposed to close soon, and hopefully, we can start cleaning and painting next week. And move in very soon thereafter. YAY!!! (Please, please let us move in on schedule!) And quite a few of those thoughts are about my soon-to-be quilting room (or I might fancy it up and call this one a studio). I've been daydreaming about where to put the cutting table, and the sewing table and the stash, etc.
So far, I've only made one decision, though. And here it is for all to see.

I have decided that no matter what else happens, and no matter what we did that day, I WILL stitch something every single day! Even if I only get to spend five minutes at night right before I pass out from exhaustion.

I feel like a lot of things have been neglected lately. Lately being the last couple of years, while I was busy getting married, setting up house, having a baby, adjusting to having a baby around, and now moving into a new house.... Its been a really busy couple of years! And, I really haven't gotten all that much done, craftwise, during all of the chaos. A few projects have been started. And some fabrics have been purchased for projects, but not so many finishes... (I had a lot of finishes on my list last year, but that was because I sort of cheated. I made a bunch of soft books for the baby, and counted each as a separate finish. My husband is all about numbers and he actually told me I had a quota to meet... He was probably joking, but still...)

So, I have probably earned my royal title these last few years. I do feel the need to let people know that, as far as I can tell without digging through all of my absent things, I have not started any unfinished items this year. The only thing I can think of starting this year that isn't finished yet is the Scooby quilt. Its in progress. I hope I can decide how to finish that one soon... I digress. Everything else I have worked on this year has been a UFO (or, if I'm in an optimistic mood, I call it a WIP). So, I feel that I am starting to get turned around a little. I hope that things will pick up speed when we finally get everything unpacked again. Thus my little resolution above. So far, so good. I probably made the decision right around the time of my last post, and I have managed to keep it so far- except for that one day... can't remember what was up with that day. This is good. I should have some sort of small finishes before too much longer. I hope.

Anyway, that's the update. We'll be getting busy, busy very soon, and I'll update as possible. Until next time, happy stitching.

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