Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back Online... Finally!!

Unfortunately, I have nothing much to report... I just needed to post something. I guess to prove to myself that this last couple of months hasn't made me lose interest. And I haven't. I just got lost in the HUGE list of stuff that had to be done. And my sewing didn't seem to make the list... So much for my resolution, huh? (I did do really well with the sewing every day, right up until we started hauling furniture again. And then it all got lost in the huge mountain of boxes. It still is pretty much lost, in fact...)

So, all the news that is news: We are in the new house. I think that was mentioned a few weeks ago. I finally got most things unpacked and put away, thanks to my mom. She was kind enough to come and entertain Little Miss for most of a week while I slaved away. My quilt room is the only part of the house that is still completely in a shambles. Its so sad to see. Everything is just sort of thrown into a big pile... I will get there. Eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. And that's pretty much it. There hasn't been any sewing or knitting or anything going on, sadly. I need to work on that. Which probably means I should get downstairs and get started on that last pile, huh?

Happy stitching! And may you all be much more productive than I have been lately... : )

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  1. I love your blog title. I think we all feel like we've earned that title from time to time. I'm actually going to discuss strategies for completing UFOs on my next podcast!