Friday, September 24, 2010

Pay It Forward (or I Need Some Volunteers)

So, if any of you have been hanging out over at Lana's (
[Oh, I soooo hope that link works!] you will maybe have seen that I have signed up for my first ever swap... sort of. See, it's just a little different, in my understanding, in that I'm not actually gonna swap with anyone. We are going to pay it forward instead. Lana, being a pro, has actually decided to expand just a bit and take on four people, but as I'm new, I think I will stick to the original rules. And maybe next time, I will get braver. : )

For any who have not been by Lana's blog, here's how it will work. Lana is going to send me a wonderful handmade little surprise at some point in the future. (Which I will show to you when it gets here, yes.) In return, I am looking for three people to pay it forward to. What this means is: I need three volunteers please! Three wonderful people who will share their time and talents. Please leave me a comment (and an email address) so that we can have a nice little chat if you would like to be one of my three. Each of my three volunteers will, at some point in the next year (yes, you have 365 whole days!), receive some sort of handmade gift from me. And in return, each of my three volunteers will go out and find three people that they can send gifts to. And then those three will find three more, etc. etc. until we have (hopefully) everybody getting and giving gifts. At least, that's the plan.

I have been assured that ANY sort of handmade gift is fine. Quilted, knitted, embroidered... anything you want to make. It does not have to be large. So you don't need time to finish three huge quilts or anything. All you need is the time to create something for someone in the hopes that they will enjoy it. (Some suggested items have been placemats, napkins, pincushions, wallhangings... those sorts of sizes.) And you have a whole year to get them finished and in the mail. So, any of you can surely find the time to have a little fun and give a little joy, right?

Please help me out and sign up to be one of my volunteers. I'm sure we'll all have fun, right? Hope to talk to you soon!


  1. I'd like to do it, but do I have to have a blog?

  2. Nobody told me anything in the rules about needing a blog. You just have to make something for 3 people, who will also make something for 3 people, and so on and so on. Might make it easier if you had a blog to advertise it, but then again, you probably know enough crafty people that it won't be hard to find some. I'll put you down as my first if you really want to do it. I do need whatever email you use most now. I always forget to type it into my mail account...