Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody! We (or shall I say, I) haven't been up to much lately. Mostly, recovering from last weekend's huge shopping trip, and then getting ready for our little Halloween party. So, there is absolutely NO progress to report on anything... All I have gotten done is to worry over what I should do for the Secret Santa swap... I keep changing my mind. I know, I know. I really need to just get over it and do something already! I keep telling myself the same thing! So far, hasn't helped.

So, you're just stuck with a few snaps from yesterday, instead of fabric-y stuff to look at. For those of you who are not related, and therefore don't care about family pics- Sorry. Maybe next time...

Without further ado, for all the grandmas and aunts... Presenting a very cute little devil:

Oh, wait. First we have one of the pumpkins... The other one was here a second ago... Now where did Blogger put it and why??? Seriously, I was just looking at it and then it disappeared! Anyway! This is the new model. Last year's was a witch (and was posted here for all to see just a few seconds ago...) Supposed to be a princess, I think.

Here we go: cute little devil. I tried and tried to get decent pictures, but all I got was some action shots. She did not want to hold still! (And, no. It was not because of a sugar rush. This was before all of the cakes and candies and such.)

Here's another version. At least you can see her face. I love how the horns look like they're glowing. I have no idea what sort of fabric they were made of (although I am certain that it was nothing found in nature), but it really did bounce the flash back perfectly, didn't it?
And, now... Better brace yourself. This is an almost unheard of thing here... You are about to see a picture of me. That was taken willingly. (By me, actually.) It will probably not happen again. Or, at least, not soon... I just remembered that there is already another picture of me in a previous post... Darn! Forgot about that... Anyway, here's my costume for the party:

As costumes go, I'm not sure it was very good. I've always figured that when you dress up, you are trying to look nothing like you really are. And some people might try to argue that I am more than a little bit batty already! ;) So, maybe it was more a case of my true nature leaking out, like I suggested was Little Miss' case when she latched onto the devil horns... Of course, when I said it about her, I was only joking. In my case, I think its more of an 80/20, as a friend of mine would say... (Translation for those of you lucky enough to not know this particular joker, or anyone like him: 80% joking, 20% serious.)

So, I guess that's all the news that is news. At least for now. This week, we have a well baby checkup- YUCK!! And I will be making some sort of decision and sticking to it (I hope) for the swap. And we will be rearranging everything back out of where we shoved it to hide it for the party... So, basically, a pretty boring week. Which is how we like them. See you next time!

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  1. Oh! Love your costume and self-portrait! It says so much, with so little input :) :) Your little darling is adorable and her horns are priceless though in that picture, she truly looks as if she needs a halo, not horns :) Thanks for posting!