Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some random info and a long(ish) story...

No pictures today. Sorry.

The good news is that you should get to see some pics in a few days. My best friend is coming down for a visit, and I will be taking her to at least a couple of quilt shops that she's never been to. One of which is having a "going out of business/early retirement sorta sale". (Seriously, that is what the sign in the window says... The notice on the website says they are relocating the shop northward to some state I've never even been to, much less lived near. That kinda sucks.)
And my sweet husband gave me a little bit of play money, so obviously, there will be reason to show off at least a few little lovelies.

I got to drop off some flimsies yesterday. It's a new longarmer that I've never used before, this being the first time hubby has agreed to let me get anything quilted since we moved here... actually, I think its the first time he told me to get anything quilted by someone else EVER! He is of the opinion that I should personally quilt absolutely everything that I make. In a perfect world, that might work. (Especially if he wants to go out and buy me my own longarm machine plus accessories...) But I just don't have the time to get everything finished in time for Christmas- especially not if I have to hand quilt it all myself (and believe me, it would have to be hand done, because my machine work totally reeks! It is not for gift giving!) I have been slowly practicing my machine quilting, but it isn't up to par... So, I personally do not see anything wrong with getting a little help.

I'm a little worried when the bill comes, though. He knows what I used to pay my old longarmer for her excellent work. (Oh, I MISS her so much!! Why, oh why, did we have to move away from her?) And he almost hyperventilates every time he thinks of it. This is not going to be a custom job, but rather an all-over sort of pattern. As a result it is much less expensive. (Either that, or she is really under-selling her skills. These prices are very low!) But the quilts on display are well done, so I don't have any problems with either price or quality of designs. In fact, I'm amazed that I can give her five flimsies to quilt and still pay less than half what I would have paid for three or four at the other lady's studio. Way less, actually. Hubby won't see it that way, though. Hope he doesn't try to conveniently "forget" that he told me to send them out. (BTW, I think that HE thinks that I only sent out TWO flimsies, so please don't rat on me. They're Christmas presents that he doesn't need to see until then. Thanks.)

(If anyone needs the name of a good longarmer near Beckley West Virginia, let me know. I would be glad to give you her contact info. I love her work.)

If all goes well, I will be spending a good part of December binding quilts. YAY!

I seem to remember promising you the story of why I took an unexpected vacation last week. So here it is, and feel free to skip it if you aren't interested...

My husband, as happens every month or so (that's just the nature of the job), left one work site to head to another. He had the weekend in between, so he came home to be with us for a couple of days. Little Miss was sooooo excited to hear that Daddy was coming home! That's all she said for hours that day. But when he got here, she decided to play shy. She spent most of the weekend smiling at him from across the room, blowing him the occasional kiss, with just a few quick cuddles mixed in randomly...

But, boy, when she saw him start packing up his things on Sunday to head back to work!! You never saw such a spectacle! She clamped onto him so tightly, screaming and crying and calling "Dadda, Dadda", poor guy couldn't even move! So, here he is, trying to pry her off so that he can pack, calmly talking to her and looking like his heart is breaking... And there she is, clinging and crying... And I'm sitting over here, minding my own business (which, at the time, was trying not to yawn so hugely that my head split in two- having been battling insomnia for most of the night)... And I hear him say, as he's prying her fingers off his shirt for the tenth time, "What are you trying to do? Go to work with Daddy??"

Well. The transformation was just miraculous. Instantly, the tears disappeared. She sat up and let go of him. She turned to me, waved and said "Bye. Bye." (Yes, she says it as two separate sentences, and not one word.) Then, for good measure, she blew me two kisses. And she turned back around and looked at her daddy with a look that clearly said "Let's go. What are we still hanging around here for?"

Somehow, and I still am not sure how it happened, I suddenly found myself packing for a week in a hotel room with a toddler. A tiny hotel room. With no means of transportation for shopping, sightseeing, etc. because my husband would need the truck to get to and from work. I blame sleep deprivation for allowing myself to be talked into it. And, off we went, less than an hour after she decided he was not leaving her behind.

We survived. And I do not intend to do it again. Unless I have my own vehicle. At least then we can go for lunch or something... Or to the quilt shop I didn't get to visit...

Interestingly, she waved goodbye to Daddy yesterday with no signs of wanting to go with him. She must not miss that little hotel room either. : )

Until next time, happy stitching!

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  1. Sweet! For her that is. For you, you brave woman, my deepest sympathy! Tiny hotel room, no transport, and one toddler?!!? How was the migraine when you returned :) Good for you!