Monday, October 18, 2010

Stupid Things That Force Me To Revise My Christmas List... and other stuff.

Stupid thing number one: Blogger will NOT let me move this picture down! So, anyway, I've been away from my computer for about a week. We had an unexpected road trip. Long story (which, knowing me, you will probably be subjected to eventually). Of course, I took the time to load up a few projects for the road. This was one. I figured, no problem, I'll just get my last two stockings all knitted up- probably on the drive to and from... WRONG! (Here's the stupid part.) This is as far as I got. Period. The reason? Stupidity. I ran out of yarn! How dumb is that? In my defense, all three of the other stockings I have done (with the same yarn) had enough yarn in one ball to get the job done. How much more did I need? Only 5 stinking rounds! This is not the end of the stupidity though. When this happened, I thought, no biggie, I'll just work on the other one... Wrong again! I had forgotten to grab my stitch holders. And I didn't have anything else to stick the darn thing on... (And, believe me, I looked!) *sigh* Oh, well. I did take other things, I just didn't really want to do them. This leads to stupid thing number two (or three, now that Blogger is acting up on me).

I took a UFO project to work on at the hotel. A yo-yo elephant pattern from Indigo Junction, I believe. Very cute! It's been languishing on a shelf for more than a year, all pieces cut out and ready, just needing to be assembled. Since I set myself a goal of finishing 5 UFO's this year, it seemed logical to take it and put it together. (I don't have a picture, because Blogger wouldn't let me load any more to this post... Ok, and also, I forgot to snap a shot of it before I loaded the pictures onto the computer...) Once it was together, I noticed how stupid I had been... The head was too small! When I cut it out, I didn't leave a seam allowance! What kind of so-called quilter doesn't remember to leave a seam allowance? Oh, well. It's ok, really. I wasn't actually in love with the fabrics I used anyway. And I'm still gonna count it as a finish, so who cares if I like it? Maybe I'll try again some time...

All of this is dumb, silly little mistakes that are mostly annoying. Nothing more. But the real kicker happened today. It's the one that made me question my sanity a bit. I've never done anything like it before, because I've always been very paranoid about something like this happening... Here goes with the story:

So, I'm in my sewing room, playing. Well, actually, more like work at the beginning- ironing a bunch of flimsies and their backings in the hopes that I can get them sent out for quilting. And while I was at it I just ironed everything... I carefully, as always, turned off the iron, and then for good measure I unplugged it. Just like always. (I told you- I'm kinda paranoid like that. I never could understand why you would always see on TV shows the couples driving off for vacation, and then 20 minutes down the road they have to turn around because she left the iron on...) After unplugging the iron, I got down to some serious play. A bit later, I needed the iron again, and while I was using it, my husband calls... He needs this, he wants that, can I do this... You get the picture. (Do you see where this is going yet?) So, I turn off all my lights and put down my toys and gather up everything he needs and off I go.... And, of course, I get mostly there and suddenly, I'm struck by panic! OMG!!! I don't remember unplugging the iron!!! And then, all I can think is "Did I turn it off? Did I leave it on?" I have no idea! I call my husband and ask him. (Like he would know, right? He wasn't even there!) He assures me that he was sure that I did. He thinks he remembers me saying that I was doing it. Well, was that the first time you called or was that the last time you called??? 'Cause I had the iron on both times! Oh, yes, he's sure that I turned it off, just bring the stuff, everything's fine... So, I did. But, all the time, there's this horrible nagging thought, what if I didn't???? Luckily, he made a phone call. Thank you, dear God in Heaven (yes, that IS a prayer) that you let me remember this in time, and thank you for having someone, in possession of a house key, who was close enough to stop by on the way home from work to check on this iron. Because- it was ON! When all was said and done, and I was over my panic and heart failure (nearly), the report we got was: yes, it was on, no damage done, but the ironing board was very hot! (Thank goodness for that annoying metal iron holder attached to the end, there...) Needless to say, I have now added an iron to my Christmas wish list... One of those fancy, expensive ones (at least compared to my little dinky "stuffmart" special) that annoyingly turns itself OFF after X amount of time... Just in case of another hugely stupid moment like today. Preferably cordless, if they can find it...

So, here's what I was working on this afternoon. I made two pairs of earrings! From my tiny little supply of Holiday Happy from Happy Zombie. I just love these little gnoma claus guys! (Ok, actually I love all of the fabrics... I wish I could afford to buy a ton more of them, but oh well... I'll just have to hoard every little scrap, huh?)

And here's another shot. I'm thinking of adding some little tiny pompoms to the hats, as soon as I get some glue. I can't believe there is no glue in my crafts room!

And, I learned that it is hard to take a picture of your ear. Of all the shots, this was the best. Sorry about that...

As you can see from the little button on the side, I have joined the Secret Santa Swap. (And I finally figured out how to put that button up there!) I've been thinking about that a lot. What will I make? What will my swap partner like?

The answer? I have no idea! Yet.

But here are a couple of shots of some yummy holiday fabrics from my stash...

They may or may not show up again later... I'll let you know.

Unfortunately, my swap partner did not conveniently leave me a message on my last post telling me what sorts of things she likes... I have gone over to her blog and read... well, all of it, really. And I still don't seem to have a good sense of what she would like... So, I might just have to wing it. Because I need to get started very very soon. Maybe I'll end up with something in Christmas-y colors, but not necessarily so Christmas-y that she couldn't use it for at least part of the rest of the year?? We'll see. Maybe we will all be surprised at what turns up- including me! ; )


  1. LOL! Wouldn't it be sweet if all of our swap partners would kindly leave us posts to tell us what they'd like for Christmas! :) Love the earrings ... you did wonderful!