Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas must be early... part 2

OK, so here we are. Isn't this table runner gorgeous? I know. Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer in the world (as I'm sure you've noticed)... But I tried.

If I'm remembering my last trip to the quilt shop properly, the fabrics are the 12 days of Christmas by Kate Spain. Does that sound right?

This was supposed to show the back. I love the little stripe of ornament fabric down the middle of the runner...

And here are a couple of shots of it in it's new home... Or, this is where it will live until I come up with a place that will show it off even better...
Which hasn't happened yet. Mainly because all spaces big enough to hold it are also low enough for Little Miss to reach very easily. And she's been on an artistic streak with her crayons lately... And that would be so bad I can't even think up words to describe it.

So, yes. It will live here on my table for the holidays. And I will get to look at it every day. And it will make me very happy. :)
(Looking at this picture makes me think I might want to get rid of that tablecloth... :/ )
Let's see... what else do I have to say?
Other reasons that made it seem like Christmas came early:
1. This wasn't the only package that came for me yesterday. I also got a beautiful book that came rather as a surprise. We think we must have ordered it back when my husband was feeling generous, but it was on back order or something. And then we both forgot about it. It showed up yesterday and it's very nice... (Yay! More goodies for me! Speaking of goodies....)
2. This morning I woke up and staggered to the computer to check my usual haunts... And I went to my email... And there was a letter from Monica over at happy zombie . I LOVE her blog! Everything I have seen there is just gorgeous. And she has recently designed the most fabulous fabric. I just fell in love with it back when she first showed us a sneak peek back in.... April, I think it was. And I've drooled over it every time I've seen it since. You've heard me mention it before in a couple of posts...
Well, she's been having a giveaway. Or actually, it's a series of giveaways. She is giving away charm packs to a few lucky people who haunt her blog. Of course, I've been there every day or so to see the new posts and to comment... It turns out that... I WON!! I was so amazed/excited/ astounded. (I never seem to win anything.) I couldn't even type my address for her in the answering email. (OK, I did type it, but it was really difficult to stay calm that long when all I really wanted to do was jump up and down and squeal with delight... I think the only thing that stopped me from doing exactly that was the fact that Little Miss was still sleeping. And also, my husband might have taken me to the loony bin for evaluation if I started acting like that...)
The crazy thing about it is that I actually won yesterday, and she actually sent me the email yesterday. But, when my husband is home, I don't usually get the chance to check it more than maybe once a day... Obviously, the email came after that. But, I was actually at her blog reading and commenting on her day 5 post. And it never even occurred to me to flip back and see who won the day 4 drawing... Crazy. (I know several people who know me pretty well are now nodding and agreeing that yes, I am generally crazy... Oh, well. They might be right.)
So, basically, that was an amazing way to start the day.
3. Let's see... Oh, yeah. We went to eat with my husband's family at Cracker Barrel for lunch today. It was really yummy, and the company was wonderful. And before we left, my husband got me another piece for my nativity scene... (I think you can see it in the background of the pictures above. Probably not very clearly...) It's a Willow Tree nativity. And it is pretty much completely complete now. I can't think of anything else it needs, anyway. Although, maybe I should check out their website... Maybe they have new pieces this year? Anyway, he got me another set of stars for the other side. I thought it sort of balances everything out a little better. (OK, I'm braced and waiting for the OCD comments that some of my family members are getting ready to make. Take your best shot. Hubby does it rather frequently...)
And, I guess that's really all I have to say for now. Because it is soooo late. And Little Miss is gonna get up soooo early! So, good night everybody. I'll try to bore you some more tomorrow. ;) If I have time... Happy stitching!

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  1. WOW! Awesome news!! Love The Happy Zombie!! You recognize the gift tags probably then :) Congratulations on the win and I so enjoyed reading your blog !!! You write with so much happiness, I bet you'd be even that much more fun to know in person! hugs to you and yours!