Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, apparently the stars are in the proper alignment today...

Or something. So far, (knock wood) everything seems to be working out for a quick blog post... I finally managed to scrounge up some batteries for my camera, Blogger liked my pictures today, and the enter key is working! (Which my husband says was never Blogger's fault, but rather a certain little someone who messed up some keys...) So, as promised, this is a picture of what I did the other day... We all jumped in the truck and rode down towards Knoxville. My hubby took us to the Bass Pro Shop for a few minutes and then we dashed over a couple of miles to meet up with Thearica from Pigtales and Quilts. She hosted a pincushion swap a while ago and also a giveaway... Well, turns out that I won the beautiful Santa in the giveaway... Now, I thought, from the pictures on her blog, that this would be about 12, maybe 15 inches tall... Nope! After meeting her, and seeing him, I knew why she didn't really want to ship him if it wasn't necessary! He is a full 30 inches tall according to my yardstick!

Here he is in my sewing room chair. He's huge! And I'm thinking he will probably be greeting people at my front door for the holidays from now on... (inside, of course.) Isn't he handsome?
Being a better blogger than me, Thearica remembered her camera, and she took a pic of me with Santa. So if you want to swing by and look at it- I can't imagine why you want to see me, but...- it's over here:
(I'm gonna try to get this link to work, here... This might be what Blogger doesn't want to do today.)
(Ha! It worked this time!... Wonder why it wouldn't work up there??? Oh, well.) So, there's a picture of me. woohoo... I do recommend going to check out her blog, though. In spite of my picture it's a great blog, and she's a very nice, talented, and busy gal! (She told me she is hosting a retreat for about 100 people this spring!)She has a lot of great stuff on her blog, and her swap was a blast. She says she will have another one soon. I would encourage everyone to play along.
It was really fun.

Here's a quick shot of my goodies from the swap. Aren't they great? I love them, and I'm planning to start making some more for the next swap. I can't wait to see what I get next time... : )
And now for a couple of random shots of stuff that I found in my quilt room yesterday...

This was a gift I got for Christmas. It's from my best friend, Lisa. She typed up this nice card to tell me what it is, because I had no clue until I read the card... : )

I thought it was pretty cool looking, and it is now hanging in my sewing room as she suggested. Although, the only person I know who is jealous of my stash, as far as I'm aware, is... her... Hmmm...
I better not find this broken! ;)

And this is a quick peek at one of the Christmas gifts that I made this year. This one is actually black, although the flash made it look grey...

My niece asked for a hand knit toboggan for Christmas. Any kind, any pattern, as long as it was made with grey yarn... So, I picked this pattern. I love it! The little cables are owls! So cute! (I have a thing for owls...)
And then I made a scarf with two of the owls on it, and just sort of faked the rest of the pattern. My niece loved them. And I'm still kicking myself for forgetting to take pictures of them before they were wrapped! (I swear I remember taking pictures of them and several other gifts. I just can't find those pictures now...) Anyway, this one in the picture is black yarn. No buttons so as not to accentuate the fact that those are owls. It was made very quickly (seriously, the very last minute) for my bird-hating sister who specially requested one when she saw my niece's. (I owe my SIL one too, I think. Haven't had time to get it, yet...) I see more of these hats in my future. Probably at least three. One for my SIL, one for me, and probably one for the Little Miss...

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here. Well, relatively speaking. There's only so much quiet you can get with a Little Miss around. She got a TON of toys for Christmas. She's still working her way through them all. Every couple of days, she digs out something else and plays with it for a while... I went on a rampage through the junk room downstairs and got it almost completely organized. Another round through, and I should hopefully be able to find everything pretty easily. I really think I could use at least one more shelf...
Also, I got all of the baby things packed and sorted. We are ready to ship them off to my husband's sister. He informs me that, short of actual divine intervention, we will never again need any of the stuff that Little Miss has outgrown. And, with the recent happy news of our little niece's impending arrival in May, he jumped at the chance to get it all out of our house. So, travel arrangements are being made, and I believe his instructions were for the new parents to sort through it, keep what they want, and dispose of the rest as they see fit... If they keep all of it, they won't really need anything except furniture and whatever cute and fun stuff catches their eye... Most of the basics for a little girl are in this pile... I really need to get that pile moved back into the junk room, too. It's in the middle of my quilting room right now.
That's my next project. A major clean up of the quilt room... It needs it badly. I don't think I've straightened anything in there for months... And it shows. Yesterday was the first day that I've actually sewn anything this year. And I had to excavate the sewing machine first. It was buried...
I have been stitching, sort of. I dug out a UFO that I've had laying around for a few years now. It's a granny square afghan. So, not truly sewing, but crocheting and whipstitching grannies together... I'm in the middle of joining the rows now. Hopefully, I'll be able to cross it off my list before long. It would be good to get a UFO done to start the new year, wouldn't it? I would like to have it finished by the end of the week, but I will be happy if it's done by next week. (I say that because I have NO idea what my hubby's plans are for the rest of the week... He keeps mentioning going here, going there... Hopefully, he'll tell me what we're doing before too much longer.)
I guess that's all the news for now. Hopefully, I'll get the quilt pictures to work soon, and I can get them posted. Until then, happy stitching!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I wanted to show you some pictures of what I did today. But my camera batteries decided to die and I can't find any spares. So tomorrow I will dig up some new ones and try again to snap a few pics... Then I decided I would upload a couple of pictures of the quilts I made before Christmas. Blogger didn't like them. They were taken on the fancy camera that my hubby loves so. (He helped me take them, and that's the only camera he will use now. Which is fine, because he's actually getting pretty good at it. Unlike me. I still have trouble getting the lens focused clearly...) [I apologize for the run-on paragraphs. Blogger is not letting me start new ones tonight... Is anyone else having these problems today? Sheez! So, I'll keep this short and save most of my blabbing for tomorrow. Or the next day...] I just wanted to say to everyone: Happy New Year!! May your year be a wonderful one, full of joy and quiltiness- and any other crafts you might want to dabble in! :) See you tomorrow everyone!