Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I wanted to show you some pictures of what I did today. But my camera batteries decided to die and I can't find any spares. So tomorrow I will dig up some new ones and try again to snap a few pics... Then I decided I would upload a couple of pictures of the quilts I made before Christmas. Blogger didn't like them. They were taken on the fancy camera that my hubby loves so. (He helped me take them, and that's the only camera he will use now. Which is fine, because he's actually getting pretty good at it. Unlike me. I still have trouble getting the lens focused clearly...) [I apologize for the run-on paragraphs. Blogger is not letting me start new ones tonight... Is anyone else having these problems today? Sheez! So, I'll keep this short and save most of my blabbing for tomorrow. Or the next day...] I just wanted to say to everyone: Happy New Year!! May your year be a wonderful one, full of joy and quiltiness- and any other crafts you might want to dabble in! :) See you tomorrow everyone!

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  1. Hello to you! Love your run on paragraphs :) Makes it fun :) Sorry Blogger's being a bugger but maybe that means you'll have more next time! Happiest new year wishes to you and your family!