Saturday, April 9, 2011

After the shower, part 2

Ok, for part two: First, a couple of random pictures of Little Miss in one of her new dresses. It is adorable, covered with cupcakes (and so, perfect for a party). That's the back of her cousin, there. As you can see, neither would stand still long enough for the camera to catch them in a decent pose. Just action shots... Here's the close up of the flannel from the blanket... Sort of blurry. I seem to be having problems with blurry pictures lately... :( Not good for a blogger, is it? Oh, well... And now, for the fun part of the day's events... NOT!! I mentioned thunderstorms already, did I not? Well, we had yet another one this afternoon. Timed very inconveniently to coincide with the end of the shower. (A bit ironic? It showered at the shower? Bad, I know. Sorry.) Well, so we got to the car just as the rain was starting. And we began to drive home. Halfway there, I remember a couple of things that were forgotten on the last shopping trip, and since we're driving right by the store... We were almost at the grocery store when the hail started. Not too bad, just a few hailstones, none bigger than a large marble. And I do mean very few. So, I hopped out of the car and ran in to grab the things we needed... At this point, I feel the need to make it very clear that I was not in the car. I was nowhere near the car. My husband was driving. (I've been blamed for things in the past that I was in no way involved in. Can you tell? Like that time in the tent shop... That's another story, and not very interesting. Never mind...) So, my husband was the one behind the wheel. And he's just waiting in the parking lot until he sees me at the door... As I'm checking out, the rain begins to POUR down. And the wind picks up- A LOT. I get to the doors, and everyone is just standing around not wanting to go out. The wind is blowing so hard that it's raining sideways, and the plants on the stands outside are diving to the pavement... I'm looking out the big windows trying to get a glimpse of my car... And then someone comes running through the door saying, "Oh my gosh, did you see that cart hit the car??" I suppose you can guess whose car? (Actually, mine was not the only casualty. Another car took one in the trunk...) The light in the garage was not the greatest, but for the curious, here's a couple of shots of the damage...
It looks huge to me... My husband's question was "It's a shopping cart. How bad a dent could it possibly make?" He didn't much like my answer. Which was "Big enough for me to see, with my bad eyes, from all the way across the parking lot! In this weather!" He still seems to think it isn't as bad as I think it is. (Although he did admit that it was a lot bigger than he expected. His first words when getting a look at it were "Oh, wow..." followed by "That is kinda big..." I told you!)

But, then, it isn't his car either. He doesn't have to drive around with a big dent in the front fender. Where everyone will see it. And assume that I did it. (You know you've done it, too. It's ok to admit it. When you see someone driving a dented mess, you automatically assume that they are the ones who did it- because who else would willingly drive that?? Right? And you start wondering about their driving abilities. Don't you? I know you do...)

Needless to say, I'm a little annoyed right now with people who don't take their carts to the cart returns... At the time, I really was hoping to find the person who left it there. I was wanting to bop them with my purse. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, not sure) the culprit(s) were nowhere to be found... Which was ok, cause I didn't actually have my purse with me...

Oh, well. Overall, we had a really great day. We got to hang out with loved ones, eat lots of yummy food, look at cute little baby stuff, and watch the little guys go wild for a bit. And now that the storm is over, I think my internet might work again for a while. Until the next storm anyway. :) Hope you all had great days too.

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  1. Wow! the events of your day :) I'm glad you had some fun spots to remember...I'm really sorry about your car :( Maybe they can be popped out before the paint cracks and they shouldn't, hopefully shouldn't, be that bad. Take care and thank you for sharing!!