Friday, April 8, 2011

Back Again...

Hello, everyone! I'm back... Finally! My two week vacation stretched into five (or maybe it was six... Not sure, I kinda lost track of time). My husband's two week job dragged on a lot longer than it was supposed to... It was wonderful to skip most of winter, we had lovely weather for our visit, and I sort of wanted to stay. At least until summer hit. I think that would be a bit too much heat for me. Luckily, when we got home, we discovered that spring had arrived here too. Birds singing, flowers blooming, trees getting their leaves... I love it! (And my relatives who are still suffering winter-like conditions have my deepest sympathies...) Since I've been back, I feel like I just can't get organized. (Don't tell anyone, but I still don't have everything unpacked from the trip. Only the important things that get used everyday...) Of course, we got back just in time for April and all the chaos that this month brings. That's what's keeping me off balance I think... I haven't quite gotten settled into a new routine because I've been too busy with birthdays and baby showers, etc. First up, my sweet Little Miss turned two! I can't believe that she's already two. So, her party was last weekend, and that's what I've spent the most time on for the last week. (This week is a whole different party. More on that in a minute...) Little Miss specifically requested a monkey cake for her birthday... So, I had to figure out how to make that happen.... (It's a good thing I kinda like decorating cakes.) Here's the birthday girl. I did much better this year. My camera had pictures of the cake AND the birthday girl on it! Unlike last year... (The secret is I put my husband in charge of the camera, since he got to be here this year. And I told him what he had to be sure to take pictures of. That way, my camera didn't get pushed to the side when I had to chase her. :) And also, he's just better at taking pictures.) This is one of the few he took that didn't have me in the background...

The monkey cake, as requested... Luckily, Wilton has a pan for that... My first idea was to base it on a book that she loves right now, but that pan was discontinued... So, she got the birthday monkey. I think it turned out ok. Although, I don't think I would use the cookie for the hat again. No matter what Wilton recommends. It's just too heavy.

And, since there was leftover cookie dough, she got a few more cookies for her party. Sorry the picture is blurry... It didn't look blurry when I uploaded it... Ooops!

This week, we have a whole different party. Tomorrow, actually. My husband's sister is having her baby shower tomorrow. So, everyone gets to eat cake, look at sweet little baby things, and just generally celebrate a new baby's imminent arrival. It'll be fun. My other SIL (who's in charge of the shower) asked me ages ago to make the cake for that. So, that's what I'm into today. Baking and decorating. And blogging! Because, yes, I am aware that I was gone for way too long... (And I'm sort of taking advantage of Little Miss's visit to her grandmother's house.) I do have a long list of excuses I could provide for anyone who wants them. Let me know and I'll post some. ;) Oh, yes. And also I need to put the finishing touches on the baby gift and get that all bundled up today, as well... And, the kitchen will need to be hosed down after the baking marathon... And - ok, that's just no fun, listing all the things that I need to do. I think I'll just concentrate on the fun things like getting ready for the party tomorrow and squeezing Little Miss when she gets home...

Oh, yeah- quilty stuff. That's what this blog is supposed to be about, huh? Well, unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot to report. The only thing I've been able to do lately is the baby blanket for tomorrow. And I don't want to post pictures until after Baby's parents get to see it. Which reminds me- I need to take my camera downstairs and get pictures of it... So, I'll try to get pics of it up tomorrow or the next day. And that's all the news for now... That I can think of anyway. So, I'm gonna run and get the second layer of cake into the oven, and I'll see you all next time. Bye!

P.S. Blogger's spell check doesn't seem to be working today. (Kinda like all the grief it gave me over loading my pictures...) So, I'm sorry for any typos that I didn't catch. Please ignore them. Thanks.

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  1. Welcome back to the bloggihood! You were missed :) Will enjoy seeing pictures of your trip and Little Miss and cakes and such ... :) Just glad to see you've returned. Take care!!