Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick, before my internet gives out again...

I really hate thunderstorms... We've had one nearly everyday for about the last two weeks, I think. Sometimes it seems like more. And every time, my internet goes out for what seems like hours afterward... It's starting to drive me crazy. (Some who know me would say that that's a very short trip.) So, we got back from the party a while ago. And I do have more pics to share of the aftermath of that. But Blogger won't let me load anymore photos in this post, so I'll have to do those separately. If the internet cooperates. (Fingers crossed.) The party was a success, I think. And we are all very grateful to my SIL for all of her hard work. She threw a great party for the soon-to-be parents, and I think a good time was had by all. I think I mentioned yesterday that I was in charge of the cake. Here's a quick shot of it. Two layers of chocolate (devil's food, actually) with buttercream frosting. The polka dots and decorations on top are candy melts. Which work pretty well, actually, in the place of royal icing (which I have no experience with at all, and have heard some intimidating things about). Here's a slightly closer look at the top. I never did get a decent shot of the whole afghan, but here's the gist of it. I made this blanket a couple of months ago, just after they told us it was a girl. At the time, they were considering a space themed nursery. Then they found an incredibly cute bird-y layette... I SO wish they'd had that one back when I was shopping for nursery decor! So... with that in mind, I did the blanket you see below... Here's a close up of one of the birds. This one was probably my favorite from the blanket. The colors of the blanket don't really go with the nursery bedding, but they do go pretty well with the fabric that inspired the blanket...
Here's an ok-ish shot of the whole thing. I'm not sure if you can actually tell from this one, but the fabric is a soft snuggly flannel with really cute birds all over it. I think I have a slightly better shot. I can put it in the next post with the other picture that wouldn't fit here.

Ok, let me see if my internet will stay on long enough for this to post. And if I'm lucky, it will last until I get the rest of the pictures up... See you in a couple of minutes!

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  1. I love the cake and the dress is adorable! Thank you for stopping by and reading by blog, I am honored!