Thursday, April 28, 2011

So, last night basically sucked...

Last night was no fun. At all.

I am sure that pretty much everyone will agree with that statement.

Last night, I spent hours glued to the tv, hanging on every word that the weathermen would say. Trying to figure out where the storms were, where they were going, and whether or not anyone I know and/or care about was in danger... Some weathermen were more helpful than others. (For instance: Do NOT tell me you have seen rotation in a storm that is anywhere close to me and then suddenly decide that the weather for a wedding on the other side of the globe is something I need to hear about. It isn't! I couldn't care less if a prince gets a little wet on the way to the altar. You just told me a tornado is headed my way! I want to know exactly where it is, how fast it is moving, and how much time I have to get my daughter and get somewhere safe!!! That's way more important to me right now!!) Needless to say, we found a different tv channel!

The next tv channel was a little more local (a little) and, fortunately for my sanity, they were pretty much a nonstop "here it is, this is the direction things are moving" sort of news coverage... The third channel was actually talking about places I recognized. And they did a very good job of terrifying me... (You have to understand. I'm NOT used to this sort of thing. Where I'm from, we NEVER have tornadoes. It is extremely rare. I have never seen a supercell, or a wall cloud. Never even been aware that tornado watches have been issued. Some of you out there are probably pretty used to this sort of thing and don't think too much about it until the sirens go off... Please don't think I'm too hysterical... I've calmed down a lot since last night...)

Anyway... I sat glued to the tv, prepared to snatch Little Miss out of bed and run at the slightest hint of "freight train" noises, and listening to people reporting baseball sized hail near my father-in-law, tornados and severe thunderstorms headed north towards all my friends and family there, and watching the rotating circles heading my way for hours last night. I was super relieved when the worst of the storms all passed off to the south of us, and even happier when the weatherman told me it was safe to go to bed (about 1:45 this morning). And so, this morning gave us sun and happy, friendly little white puffy clouds, and the chance to check in with relatives... Happily, everyone seems to be ok (although, I'm still waiting to see if I worried myself into an ulcer or something). And most of the damage appears to be farther along the storm path. At least for us. Believe me, my heartfelt prayers are going out to everyone who was not so lucky yesterday...

In other news (because I need something else to think about for a bit), I've once again spent the week doing a little hand piecing.

I took some of these....

...and turned them into these....

...which ended up as this. About 12 inches square. Cute, huh?

And as a further little distraction... My husband got me this a week or so ago. It came today.

Two fat quarters worth... Cute, in a geeky sort of way... Isn't it? Now I just need to figure out exactly what project to use it for... (Have several possibilities. Really wish they would have agreed to ship the other 3 FQ's worth too...)

So, that's all the news for now. Excuse me while I go research storm cellars and the cost of getting one actually installed at my house... (I wish I were joking, as my husband seems to think. But, really, if this sort of thing is going to be happening, I'm afraid my sanity requires the acquisition of some type of shelter...)

Until next time, happy stitching. And stay safe.

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