Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giveaway Winners!! And other stuff...

Merry Christmas everybody!! I hope everyone has been and will continue to have an amazingly wonderful holiday full of love and joy. :)

I know that everyone is really hear to find out the winners, so I won't drag this out for you. I have some pictures at the bottom of the post for those who want to stick around. ;)

My first winner is..... commenter #2


I've sent you an email, so keep a lookout for it. Congratulations! You will be receiving a lovely little parcel full of Quilt Diva. :)

My second winner is.... commenter #10


Now, Stephanie, this is super important. I could not find an email address anywhere on your profile. So, I NEED you to send me an email, or comment on one of my blog posts. Otherwise, I won't have a mailing address, and I won't be able to mail you your lovely little Moonbeamers. And that would make us both sad. :( So, give me a shout as soon as possible, please...

Okay, for those of you still here, I have a few more pictures of Christmas gifts. They've all been opened now, so it won't spoil any surprises. :)

First off, I think these are the last couple of food pictures. Here's breakfast: pancakes and syrup, bacon and fried eggs. Don't forget the butter!

Whole eggs and green beans in a can...

Here's another hat. Last year, I think there were two of these done up. My poor SIL had to wait a whole year for hers, bless her heart. She has one now. :)

And finally, a mustache necklace. Don't ask me why. My niece is obsessed with mustaches. It has to be a fad of some sort, because I'm seeing them everywhere... She requested this months ago. Now she has it. :) I'm waiting for photographic evidence that she actually wears it. :)

I hope your Christmas has been wonderful. Ours started out pretty great, but suddenly, its headed way downhill... It's bad enough that I woke up sniffing and snotting, and getting worse as the day goes on, but now my Little Miss is sick. She hasn't acted well all afternoon, but now the puking has started... :( Hope it doesn't last long... Merry Christmas everyone! And happy stitching.

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  1. All that food turned out just beautiful! I love the mustache necklace - di dyou desing it yourself??