Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm not dead... just roaming.

Or rather, I was roaming. Now, I'm finally back home, and attempting to get all caught up and maybe even (in my dreams, at least) organized. Christmas is already upon us, and I'm so very far behind...

I still have a post that I wanted to get up here before our vacation... Way back in July...

Ooops!! (I promise to try to get that posted soon.)

So, where have I been? Well, at first, we went on vacation with my family. (For a week. I know, I've been gone soooo much longer than that.) And then, my husband got a six week job, and I thought it would be nice to go with him. Because, we really didn't want him to be that far away for so long. (And also, I've always wanted to go there, and never have. I sort of thought it might be my one and only chance, so I jumped at it.) And so, we loaded up the truck and headed for California. Imperial County, California. (Which is in the middle of the desert, and only a few miles from Mexico. Where we did not have the chance to visit. Oh, well. Maybe next time.) ;)

Thank goodness we went with him, because six weeks turned into almost four months! Don't get me wrong, we had a nice time. We saw new places and neat things. For my daughter and myself, it was our first trip across the Mississippi. (Which was not super impressive. But that's a different story.) It was our first trip to the desert, and the Pacific Ocean. Both were very neat. (Can't really say 'cool' because it wasn't. At least not the desert. It was pretty warm in the desert...) ;) And also, we got to see lots of cool trees. Huge trees. Really really huge trees. (That was my hubby's favorite part. He's already planning the next trip.)

What we didn't see much of, was time to craft. We lived in a tiny hotel room. (Although it was twice the size of the hotel room we had earlier in the year in Florida. Thank goodness.) And, the toddler was active. Way too active for much in the way of needles... At least at first. She settled down towards the end, and I finally did get a little bit accomplished. And, I need to get some pictures of all of that stuff up here too...

So, until I get a few more minutes to type up something quilt-y, or at least fabric-y, here are a couple of snaps from our very long trip.

This was in northern California. Actually, all of these pics are...

This is near the Lady Byrd Grove (I think that's what it's called). She's waving to the critter. Which is a banana slug. (I don't think you can really see that in this one. Sorry.) She was fascinated by it.

This is the first sign I have ever seen that asks this question. I'm wondering if maybe the guy was trying to convince you to take some of his?

(Believe me, he had plenty.)

He had this lovely fellow, who refused to pose for a good picture. No matter what we did, he would not look at the camera.

This guy was there, in a little... campground, I guess it was, (There were a few buildings, and a church nearby, too. I think.) with about 50- or possibly more, I didn't actually count- of his nearest and dearest. The herd apparently just claimed the whole area. Cars just drove around them or waited until they moved. Fortunately the things seemed to have enough sense to stay off of the main highway. But they camped out in the driveways and access roads... And everywhere else!

We have about ten million pictures from California, and everywhere along the way. Okay, maybe not quite ten million... but we have A LOT! I haven't even managed to look at them all yet. Don't panic. I promise I won't bore you with all of them! :)

I just wanted you to know that I'm back, and I haven't just totally abandoned my blog. And next time I post, I will have some sort of fabric-y something to show! Until then, happy stitching!

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