Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Post Before Christmas

First off, let me remind you about my giveaway. (Because I forgot to mention it last time. Ooops!) It will end on Christmas Day, so there's still time for you to enter. :)

How is everyone doing on their holiday prep? I'm such a slacker this year, I swear. I think it's because I feel so behind schedule and unorganized. I suppose that comes from being away from home for about half the year... I pretty much scrapped a lot of my baking right off, at the beginning of the month. I don't have anyone to help me eat it anyway... I've been squeezing in little amounts of candy or cookies anytime Little Miss is cooperative, and I sorta feel like I need to do more... At this point though, I don't think much more is going to be accomplished, and I seem to be okay with that. (As mentioned above, I'm a total slacker this year.)

There are a couple more candies I would love to make, and another batch of cookies, and then I'm done. Except for the birthday cake my daughter has insisted her daddy NEEDS. (Poor thing, he's a Christmas Eve baby. He doesn't get many birthday cakes. Mostly, he seems fine with that... At least, that's what he says... )

I did managed to get everything finished and "wrapped" (meaning that nearly all gifts ended up in bags, instead of pretty wrapping paper). Even the last minute pillows that I just started. :) Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the first one, and it is one of the few things that ended up actually being wrapped in real paper... On the plus side, it stays at my house. So, we'll see it again on Christmas Eve (it goes with the annual Christmas jammies) and I'll have another chance to snap a pic. The pillows were simply fleece tied together- quick and simple. Hers is in the shape of a heart, blue and pink. I think she'll like it. (In fact, I know she will, because she watched me make it.) I did remember to take a pic of the other one. It's here somewhere... Oh, yeah, there it is- way at the end of the post. Ooops.

And I have a few more pics of the felt food. There's still a lot of it that hasn't been posted yet... Maybe I went a little overboard? It was fun though. And I hope to make more of it this year. :)

Hamburgers, onion slices, and tomato in this picture...

Carrots, tater tots (because it sounded easier than French fries), and little goldfish crackers...

I love this cookie set. Here's a shot of some of the finished and frosted cookies on the cookie sheet...

And an overview of the whole set. These are the only ones that Santa will be bringing. Because once I had them arranged in the kitchen, they looked so cute, I couldn't bear to move them... The rest of the felt food is safely wrapped and under the tree...

Here we go. The fleece pillow. The face is felt, and the whiskers are yarn. I think he turned out pretty cute. And so does Little Miss. She tried to swipe it last night. (I think her exact words were "...and finish it, and wrap it, and put it in my bed!" As if there were room in her bed for one more thing!) :)

Well, I'm off to maybe sneak in a little baking (or maybe laundry... it's getting pretty necessary...) if Little Miss will allow. I hope everyone has an incredibly wonderful holiday filled with family, food, friends, and love. (And maybe even a little sewing?) :) Merry Christmas everyone!

(My spell check doesn't want to work today for some reason. Please excuse any errors you might find...) 0_O

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