Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2012. I hope everyone will be blessed with a healthy, happy, and productive year.

This is the time of year when everyone starts making their resolutions. Did you make any? I didn't. I decided that I was going to make goals instead. I ended up with a lot of them, in the end. Most of them not sewing related, so not very interesting, I guess. The big, sewing related one is to finish up several of my UFOs. To this end, I signed up for Judy's UFO Challenge. It started today. (Obviously.) But, after I signed up the other day, I started wondering exactly how it worked. So, I went back to her archives and started reading. And started worrying. I was really rather relieved when I got to the part about "not letting it stress you out". It gave me permission to do this: in the name of not stressing, I have decided that the only way to survive this challenge is..... to cheat. Yes. You heard me. I intend to cheat. Let me explain.

This month's project is #5. I read that this morning. Now, on the list I made the other day, #5 is my little charm quilt hexies project that I've been working on, off and on, for several years. It isn't really a big deal, and there really isn't a huge hurry to finish it.

On the other hand, several of my projects have deadlines. If they're going to get finished in time for them to be used or given away this year, they need to be worked on first. Also, the top secret project NEEDS to get finished. ASAP. Because I have been having some major issues with the design, I really need to get a jump on it. (It's the first thing I've ever tried to make on my own, with no pattern to follow, and the construction has been giving me fits. I really suck at math.) Also, I need to finish it so I can steal the leftover fabric. I have a rule about not using the fabric from a project in anything else until I'm certain that it's extra fabric. And I can't start the project I want to do until I've stolen the fabric from this project. :(

Given all of this, the only solution I can come up with is to cheat. I have rearranged the numbers on my list a bit (and will probably do it again next month, and maybe the month after) so that #5 is now something I want to get done pretty soon. Also, I intend to work on the top secret project this month as well. Because there is no way it will be done in one month. Therefore, my #5 project for this month will be the mitten quilt (originally #2 on the list). I've started quilting it (just barely), and will hopefully have some pictures for you at some point this week. I don't really see any reason why it couldn't be finished by the end of the month. Turns out, its smaller than I remember.

And with the decision to cheat made, suddenly I don't feel so stressed out about my UFO projects... That's good, right?

I don't actually have any new projects, finished or otherwise, to show today. But I did find some pictures from last Christmas that somehow never made it up here. So, here is Little Miss' Christmas quilt from 2010:

At the time, her favorite book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This was a Fons & Porter kit that my husband bought me.

And here's the back. She loves the spotted fabric. I think the spots on the end pages of the book are her favorite things from the whole story...

I'm off to visit with my sister (if Little Miss doesn't steal her) and maybe quilt a bit... See you next time. Happy stitching!

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  1. LOVE THE QUILT!!! You did good!

    Happy New Year!