Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is It Really 2013? Already??

     How did that happen? Where has my year gone? And why haven't I managed to get anything done in 2012?
     Please tell me that other people feel that way, too.

     It's like I turned around and suddenly, it was a whole new year, with no warning or anything. Weird. Maybe I've been in a bit of a time warp...

      Okay, well, since it's been an ENTIRE YEAR since anything got posted here, let me try a quick review/overview of the past months...

      Not much got accomplished, actually. Sewing-wise, at least. Maybe that's reason enough for the lack of posts. My sewing machine had been giving me grief for a month or so, and then... it just kinda stopped working properly. At all. My husband has been promising to get me a new one, but we haven't found one yet. And I keep forgetting to take the old one downtown and see if it can be fixed at all. So, not one of the projects from the UFO Challenge managed to get finished this year. I don't think. Let me go read through the list again...    Oh, wait! I did manage to finish one of them! Wow! That's much better than I feared. The little leafy wallhanging did indeed manage to get finished (nearly) in time to hang on my wall through the fall season... Awesome.

       Also this year, sewing-wise, we welcomed new nieces into the family. They're beautiful. (Of course.) And I did manage to get blankets made for them. I even got them done in time for the baby shower. Yay me. :)   I need to dig up the couple of pictures that I remember taking of them. I know they must be here somewhere... Also for the babies: 2 crocheted afghans and 2 mobiles for their room... The nursery theme was owls. Squeee! I love owls. So much fun doing those projects. In spite of the (in my opinion, anyway) severe "morning" sickness I had to deal with myself...

       Oh, yeah. Did I not mention that yet? My husband and I started a little project of our own this year. Planning for that little bundle to arrive sometime towards the end of March. Or possibly the beginning of April. Starting to get a little excited/anxious about that one. I can't wait for her to get here (or him, but they told me it was a girl. I hope they're right, because Little Miss is counting on a little sister now...) But, at the same time, I'm sort of nervous about the timing of this event. Ideally, it will happen smack in between Easter and Little Miss's birthday with neither event being disrupted... I hope. I guess we'll find out...

       Basically, this means that I have approximately two (and a half. Ish.) months to get everything ready and organized before the big event. (I'm hoping for most of the planning, etc. to be finished by the end of February so I can just rest and relax for a few weeks...) That being said, I've tried to plan out my crafting hopes as well as everything else.

        So far, I'm doing okay with that. I have managed to finish the year's first project- a long time UFO. Yay! All of the knitting is now completed on my Doctor Who scarf. :D Woo-hoo! That's a relief, really. I started that scarf out of boredom sooooo long ago...  Long before my husband and I started dating... I can't actually remember how long it's been in progress, truthfully. Yipes. But, I don't care either, because I'm done with it. For now. I've been turning over ideas on what to do with the thing now that it's knitted, but I'm postponing the final decision until after the baby gets here. I just don't feel like crawling around on the floor without good reason. For now, anyway.

         Other projects in progress: The baby's blanket, of course. I got most of it put together yesterday, and I'm hoping to finish it up sometime today. The pillow will have to wait until I have the energy for a trip to town. I forgot to buy a pillow form to stuff into it... Or, there's a mandatory trip to town tomorrow morning, like it or not. If I still have any energy left after leaving the doctor's office, maybe I'll zip over and grab a pillow. Maybe.

       Let's see... I've been plugging away on the top secret project. (No, it's still not done. So sad.) I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel there. I hope. The plan is to try to get all of the appliques done this month. I hope. So far, that doesn't seem like too outrageous a goal. Then that project will be on hold for a bit. Until I feel up to spending an entire day crawling around on the floor... (So, probably end of June or so... Just a guess.) But that's okay. Because if I make it that far, it will definitely be finished for Christmas! FINALLY! And I will be glad to see it go. (Not that I don't like it. I'm just tired of having it sit around mocking me... And I need the leftover fabrics for a different project I want to start... Someday.)

       Let's see... What else have I been up to? Knitting socks. Or trying to, anyway. I have one adult size sock in progress. But... then I stopped in the middle of it to make baby socks instead... Those are still in progress. Hopefully, they'll be done this week or maybe next. Depending.

       That's about all I can think of at the moment... I'll try to get some pictures taken/dug out from the abyss and get them posted before too much longer. I hope. And, with a bit of luck, we'll have more blog posts this year than we did last year... 


  1. I was starting to think you'd given up on the blog... :)

    Not that I can talk; I got halfway through posting the Europe trip and life caught up with me.

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