Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Challenge-Day 1

So, yesterday was the first day of the challenge over at Patchwork Times, and I suppose we did okay. To the best of my knowledge, no one went out snacking. Of course, he isn't the one who tends to do that. So, I suppose I should be saying I did not go out snacking and neither did the girls. For a first day, everything went reasonably well. Although...
Two things. First off, when we went grocery shopping on Sunday, my husband and I had a little debate over how much milk to buy. We had nearly an entire gallon in the fridge already, so he only wanted to get one because "there's nowhere to put it!" (Which was totally true and I knew it.) But,  I wanted to get two because we will need that second gallon before the end of the week.
We were both right. We ended up only getting one, because there really was no way three gallons of milk were gonna fit into that fridge. But even as early as yesterday morning, he was already saying we should've gotten the other one... So, we know right away that before Saturday, we will be back at the store for milk. :(
The second thing was food for the critters. I'm not even worried about that fish of hers. If that thing lives long enough to eat all the food in that container, I will be shocked. They sell lifetime supplies of beta food in those jars. So, he's fine. But, for the birds...
I thought we had a whole unopened bag down there for the chickens. (I think the ducks are set for their food. Hopefully, they won't prove me wrong.) But it turns out that they had finished off the bag entirely and already gotten halfway through the one I just bought. Since the co-op is closed on Sundays, we had to go yesterday to get them a bag that will last the rest of the week. :(  I hope.
I guess if I had to give us a grade for Monday's performance, I would maybe give us a C. We were only average in starting this challenge, and already two things that we've noticed need work. Not sure how to fix the fridge problem. There are other things in line ahead of a new fridge, although we have both been wanting a second one downstairs for various reasons. Maybe someday. As for the birds' food, that's something I need to work on. I've never had animals before, so this is an adjustment for me. As soon as I can get some better storage for their food (hopefully no later than the end of next week), I'll be able to start storing more than one bag of food at a time. Of course, once they finish growing, I'll be able to better estimate their food usage and needs, too, so there's that adjustment for me to make, too. But, I'm learning and we'll all figure it out together. :)
                                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *     *     *    * 
In other news, yesterday our Little Miss had her graduation program at the preschool she attends. Or, maybe that should be "attended."  They still have two makeup days next week because of all the missed days this winter, but officially, school is over.
We're very proud of her. She made it through the entire year with all green lights every day (which is how their discipline system for class behavior is graded) and she was one of only three children in the entire daycare who had perfect attendance. (I love that she's holding her certificates upside down here. I think that's just adorable.)

For any family members who may wonder: Yes. That is the same dress from Christmas. I had a nice spring-y, light-fabric dress all picked out for her to wear, but she had to have that one... :/  Even though it was 85+ degrees outside... She didn't melt, though, so I suppose it worked out okay in the end. :)


  1. try craigslist.com for a good used frig

    1. Yes, that is a good place to find things. That's where we found our ducks! My husband surfs through there frequently. Hopefully, we can figure something out before too much longer.