Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May Challenge- Day 3

It's day 3 of Judy's prepping challenge! How's everybody else doing with their week of eating only from home? I'm guessing most people are doing better than we have been averaging. This is a very busy (abnormally so) week for us. I knew it would be busy, and I figured on skipping the entire challenge week. But, then, she announced what sounded like such an easy task, and I decided we would go for it anyway...

It's starting to look like we aren't doing so great. Only average. I suspect that we would be doing better if it wasn't the last official week of school, with all those activities. And if my husband wasn't due to leave for work in two days. He's trying to cram in all his activities this week before he goes. Which means running up to the farm several times (he's talking about maybe going again tomorrow), not to mention several trips to the co-op for saw parts... We aren't eating out at restaurants, but I can't help thinking that we aren't exactly following the rules.

I suppose that's alright. Ish. As I think I mentioned before, I get the feeling that this first challenge is more to get us noticing what we use on a daily/regular basis. And I have definitely been taking note. And then taking more notes. I've started an inventory of what remains of my pitiful little pantry, and I'm trying to put it back into some semblance of the order I originally had it in. I expect that to take a few days.

So, on to the days' summary: Breakfast was good. Everybody but me snacked on whatever was in the kitchen. (I didn't eat breakfast this morning. I meant to, but time got away from me.) Lunch was the school picnic. We took a plate of cookies, other people brought drinks and things, and the school fed us pizzas. We've spent the last couple of days defrosting a big ole lasagna, so that's what we ate for supper. Yum! Plenty left for dinner tomorrow, too. All snacks came from the pantry closet.

That was pretty much our day. We let the ducklings swim for a few minutes, for the first time, this evening. The chickens roamed around freely in the backyard for a bit while we weeded the garden beds. But, then they tried to wander over to the neighboring yards, so my husband sent them back to chicken jail (their coop run). Oh, and the bunny who lives somewhere nearby ate one of my berry plants this morning. :( Wasn't happy about that. They were already pitiful looking. I don't think they liked the transplanting much.  Michael put cages around the poor little things. Hopefully it will come back and the other two won't be devoured. I was liking having the little bunny visit- right up until he did that. Something got into our strawberries again too. Not sure if it was the bunny or squirrels, though...

On the plus side, most of the weeds are gone. For now. We found several volunteer tomatoes (at least, I think that's what they are) sprouting up in between a few of our plants. I left a couple alone. We'll see if they grow. The peas have finally bloomed- YAY! I'm excited. I've been waiting for that. And one of our cucumbers has a single little blossom. Hopefully, those are just the beginnings.

So that's it for our third day. See you tomorrow. :)

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