Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Challenge- Day 4

Today is day 4 of Judy's prepping challenge. This is the first of (I hope) many, or at least several challenges that are meant to get us thinking about our families and how we would take care of them in an emergency situation. That emergency could be anything from tornadoes and hurricanes to power outages or being out of work for an extended period. I urge everyone out there to take a few minutes to think about that sort of thing, and decide what you could do to make it a bit less terrible for you and your families.

This first challenge was meant to be easy. I think it was simply intended to get us noticing and thinking about how much food and other items we rely on to be available to us on a daily and weekly basis. What I've found out is that I've gotten into several habits lately that are making it harder than it should be to stay away from stores. And restaurants- although, for this week, I'm doing great there. I have successfully resisted temptation.

Food-wise, today, we did reasonably well. Mostly. Leftovers or items from our kitchen pantry were eaten by everyone. My husband even got energetic and made bread (which we would normally do, but lately, we've been slacking bad in that department). Unfortunately, he didn't make the bread until after I got back from the local Stuff-mart. Where I went to get some laundry soap ingredients and that gallon of milk we needed. And I did get those items, plus a few more. Unfortunately, I also bought some breadsticks to have with the leftover lasagna. :( I know. I shouldn't have. But I did. (And, the lasagna was much better with something to sop up the meat sauce with.)

So, avoiding stores didn't work out for me today. Also, I spent the afternoon straightening up and taking an inventory of my pantry. It was much barer than I thought it was. Turns out that the laundry soap ingredients aren't the only things that have been used without anyone bothering to let me know that they should be added to the grocery list. I still have a lot of work to do down there to get it looking like it used to, but at least I know what's there and what's missing, now... (And, as mentioned previously, we did live out of that pantry for most of last summer. I guess it isn't surprising that it still needs a lot of work to put it back to rights. We were grateful for it then, and we still are now. I definitely want to get it back up to snuff before the next time my husband is out of work for a while...)

On the plus side of things, this challenge has gotten me up and moving in the right direction. I have an up-to-date inventory, which means I can make a list of what needs replacing and in what order of importance. And for that, I have to say a big "thank you" to Judy. I guess I needed the motivation. :)


  1. Judy's been a great motivator. I've done really well on not stopping places this week because of this challenge. My turn at the store will have to be tomorrow though as I just simply cannot let myself run out of tea. I think we'll get better as it goes so no worries about today's store trip. You've been doing great!

    1. Yes, she has been. And I think I needed that kick in the pants to get me going! I don't blame you for not wanting to be out of tea. I would cry... I do hope to get better- a little bit every day, with any luck. Thanks for stopping by!