Friday, May 16, 2014

May Challenge- Day 5

So, here we are, at day 5 of Judy's prepping challenge.

Today, we did pretty well. For a change. Everyone except my poor husband ate and drank nothing but foods/drinks we already had at home. And he really didn't have much choice in the matter, poor thing. He had to get on a plane this afternoon, so he grabbed some airport food during a layover.         :( Poor baby. 

We actually had a pretty boring day here. Mostly we just stayed at home and tried to stay warm and dry. There've been intermittent storms most of the afternoon, and last night was the coldest we've had for weeks. Tonight is supposed to be colder. :( I hope the garden will be alright- it isn't supposed to actually freeze...

Tomorrow is a busy, busy day for us. Lots of running around. We were going to go to the farmer's market (if it's warm enough) but I just found out that Little Miss needs white tennis shoes by tomorrow afternoon. Which, of course, she does not own. So, we will be going out to get those before our company arrives and before we all have to be at the show. Little Miss is having her first ever baton recital tomorrow. Not sure if there will ever be any more, but I guess she doesn't have to decide just yet. :)

We missed story time at the library this morning. (Probably something to do with Baby Girl waking us up at 5am...) But we had to go return books, so we did make it up there this afternoon. We signed her up for her first summer reading program. It sounds like it will be fun. This year's theme is apparently science? And they seem to have several activities scheduled.

And that was our day. Hopefully, the chickens have decided to go inside now. They're the last hold outs. Everyone else is already tucked in. I'm off to lock them up for the night, and then I'm climbing in bed, too...

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  1. I kinda miss those days. My babies are all much older. As much as I hated being woken up at five by a crying baby, I do miss it. Hope Little Miss' recital goes well! My own "Little Miss" has a drill team performance tonight. Doing great on the challenge!