Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Challenge- Day 6/Summary

So, today was the last day of this first prepping challenge over at Judy's blog. We had to go an entire week without buying/eating anything that we didn't already have at home. It was fun, even though we were far from perfect. Especially today.

Today... Well, today, we totally blew it. This was the big day for my Little Miss. She had her first ever baton recital. She's been working on her twirling since January, and she seems to love it. On the way home she was making plans for next year's lessons. :)

 Here she is in her uniform, posing for the big group picture with all the other girls.

And this is how Baby Girl spent the entire show. I was amazed that she could pass out with all the loud music and applause... But she managed. She passed out right at the beginning, and didn't wake up until we started standing up after it was over. :)

The morning started out with a trip to the store for white shoes. I had read the note they gave us on uniforms a few weeks ago. But, I apparently didn't remember anything about it. I dug it up late last night to double check times, and- OOPS! I totally forgot about the shoes! So, off we went. :( It was a quick trip, but sadly, we grabbed a box of doughnuts on the way to the check-out. And, maybe a soda... :/

The rest of the day was fine, right up until after the show. My parents came down to see Little Miss twirl, and my sweet Daddy took us out for dinner and ice cream after. To her very favorite restaurant of all time, no less. :) It was very yummy.

So, we blew it today. And a few other times this week. Oh, well. It happens. I'm noticing it happening a lot, actually. More often than I thought it did, really...

This was an abnormally busy week for us. We seemed to be running here, there, and everywhere all week. That's something that I usually try to avoid, but with Little Miss growing up and getting lots of outside the house activities and friends, I suppose this is going to be our new normal. The summer is already filling up with more running here and there. :)  In spite of the running around, we did okay with the food- mostly. Which is a good thing. One of the things I've noticed recently is a very bad habit of swinging through drive-thru places nearly every time we go out. I've been trying to reign in that habit, and hopefully this week has helped with that. Although I'm still very tempted sometimes, and I still am hearing frequent demands/whining/pouting from the backseat over it. Hopefully, it will get a little easier to resist every time until we just never consider it. That's something we will continue to work on this summer.

Also this week, I've noticed how frequently we are forgetting to put something on the grocery list. And the "we thought we had it, but now we can't find it, we need it now, go get it" mindset has become very frequent during the last year. (Which is how long my pantry has been so pitiful. It used to be better.) But, this week I have managed to sort through and inventory what we have, start working on a list of things I need to stock up on, and I've been reminded of how very fast we can go through some milk (and other items) in this house. So, that's good.

I used to only go grocery shopping one day a week (because I hate it- especially when I have to drag two very reluctant and uncooperative little ones along). But during this school year, I've slacked up. I started going a couple of times a week, while Little Miss was at school. Suddenly only having one baby to drag around again made it easier, so I guess I just wasn't as worried about having to go out again. I want that to stop. I read stories on the internet about ladies who only grocery shop once a month, and I practically turn green with envy. Someday, I want a pantry that lets me do that. I think that's my goal. (I sort of dread to see the bill for that one shopping trip, but I still don't want to have to shop more often than that if it's possible. It sounds lovely, doesn't it?) So, that is definitely something I need to work on more. One trip per week.

Overall, this little challenge made us stop and notice some of these bad habits we've fallen into. And that's a good thing. It made us once again notice exactly how much food and other items we use every day, and how much we depend on those things to be there. And it reminded me of how great it was to have that little grocery buffer here when we needed it last year. This challenge gave me the little kick in the rear that I needed to get up and start rebuilding that buffer for the next time we need it to fall back on. With my husband's line of work, these little shortages can happen at any time, usually when they are least welcome. Having that food here in the house and saving us the cost of buying food when money is so short is a pretty important thing to have. It's probably the most immediately useful insurance we can have. And I need to get it together and get our buffer built back up. For next time.

Someday, we'll have our farm. We'll have our gardens, and our cows, etc. And that's a great thing to plan for. But for now, we will make the best of what we have, save up for a basement fridge, and (hopefully) soon acquire a pressure canner (and the nerve to use it). After we manage to spring for a new heat pump, that is. And I will slowly build up my little stash of insurance in my pantry. Just in case things get a little bumpy again on the road to our future. And, thank you again, Judy, for this challenge. I needed it.

I can't wait to find out what next month's challenge will be. :)

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  1. Your girls look a treat, especilly Little Miss Twirl in her uniform.
    Sounds like you are doing well in the challenge.