Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meet the "Stupid Girls"

So, I mentioned that there had been a lot going on this spring at our house... Here are a couple of shots of one of the many reasons we've been hopping...

Aren't they just the cutest little fluff-balls you've ever seen? Here's one more shot of them.

 At first, Little Miss was super duper excited about getting chicks. She agreed to pet one of them.

But, when we tried to convince her to hold one, she refused. She claimed that they're "too pokey". I assume that means she was afraid of being scratched by toenails... In all fairness, they do tend to scratch a bit. But it isn't just the chicks. She doesn't like to touch/handle many animals at all, usually. (She did surprise me at the zoo, though. After passing up the chance to pet several other critters, she jumped at the chance to pet the Asian Leopard Cat...)

Baby Girl, on the other hand, is super mad at us for not allowing her to grab every little bird she sees. But since we'd like to keep all ten of them alive long enough to get some yummy fresh eggs, we've wisely (I think) banned her from all handling of animals this year. And possibly next. I'm sure she'll get her chance to hold plenty of baby chicks in the future. When she's old enough not to squish them...

These are the only pictures we have of the babies being so cute. I blinked and they GREW!! Wow! They grew quick! Before I knew it, they were sprouting feathers (approximately three days after this picture was taken)... I went out of town for a couple of days and when I got back, they had doubled their size!

They are now approximately nine weeks old. And outside. (For a while now, thank goodness! I never saw anybody kick up as much dust as those chicks did in my garage...) I need to get a few new pictures of them now that they're looking like actual chickens, I suppose. Not sure how much bigger they're supposed to get.

So far, none of them have names. We were calling one of them "Gimpy" for a few days (due to a little incident involving her, my husband, and the chicken tractor. An incident which had me web-surfing things like "what color is a chicken's bruise", etc. Apparently, it really is that incredibly gross shade of green...) but now, I can't tell which one of the darker girls she is. I guess that's good. I'm hoping it means she's fully recovered. So, collectively, I've taken to calling them the "stupid girls", for lack of anything else. Because I can't really tell them apart, and because, sometimes, they really are. But, they've finally learned to go inside at night without being chased, and they've finally started using the perch instead of laying on top of the shelf  Hubby installed. (Not sure why he did that, really. I think he plans to build the nesting boxes there? He probably better get on that soon...)

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