Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Top Secret Project

First off, I want to apologize for these pictures. There was absolutely no place in the entire house that was big enough to spread this monster out properly.
And it did turn into something of a monster. I originally intended for this quilt to be an extra long lap size. Ish. Or maybe a twin size, at the biggest...
This thing ended up being king sized. Yeah. I know.
But, anyway, at long last, here it is- way past due- the top secret project I've been working on forever.
Finished. YAY!! My poor, poor brother had to wait forever for his quilt. :( I'm so glad he finally has it. And even happier that it isn't sitting here making me feel guilty for not having it done.

My brother loves video games. Since forever. And it all pretty much started with our Atari 2600, many, many, many years ago. Combine that fact with his observations of a quilt at the fair years ago ("it looked like Q-bert's blocks"), and I knew that this was the center of my quilt.

 But it needed borders. Q-bert was an Atari game. And the game we played most at our house was Pac-man. (As far as I can remember.)   So, I immediately thought of a Pac-Man maze when I started thinking of borders.

And that seems to be where this monster got away from me. It grew and grew and grew! But it's finally finished. (My daughter helped me with some of the positioning of maze pieces and ghosts, etc. It was so cute. She would lay it down, pat it lovingly, stab it violently with a pin and say "Uncle Robbie is going to LOVE this! It's perfect!" For every applique she put down.) We gave it to him for Christmas and he loves it. And I know it should keep him toasty for years. Mission (finally) accomplished.

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