Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aggraving, Stupid Chickens!!

So, I've been trying to free range my chickens in my yard a little bit. It's been going pretty well (except for one stupid girl who insisted on sleeping in a tree a few nights ago), with them staying in the backyard, not bothering anyone... Until today. Today, they decided to go roaming. (Grr...) 

We started off pretty well. All the bird-types just hanging out in the backyard (none of them seem to like the front yard much- which isn't the best thing, because I was hoping for a little help picking bugs out of my garden...), minding their own business. So, my girls and I went down to the Splash Pad near my father-in-law to play in the water with their cousins, and on the way back we stopped for groceries. When we pulled in to the driveway, I didn't see any of the birds, but I didn't worry about it because they like to hide under the back porch for some reason. I unloaded the car, got Baby Girl down for nap, and had just finished reading our chapter with Little Miss when... the doorbell rings.

So, I answer the door and the guy says, "Hello. Um... I have chickens in my front yard?" WHAT!??!! GRRR... Yep. Those rotten little things had gone right back into the back neighbor's yard. So, I went to round them up. Where'd they go? "They were right here just a second ago..." Then I hear it. A happy little clucking noise. Right down by the road! UGH!!

So, after herding and chasing and fussing (and threatening to put them in a pot) for half an hour, stepping in every stinking spider web in the state, and sweating buckets, I finally bribed the creepy things back into their run. Then I told them to consider themselves back in prison. For the foreseeable future. Or forever. Whichever it takes. I hate that, but I absolutely can't have them annoying the neighbors. I guess this means I'll be trying to figure out how to enlarge the run- again. I hate to keep them all locked up like that...  I just need a farm, that's all... Oh, well. At least the ducks stay in the yard like they're supposed to. I hope... :(

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