Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Prepping Challenge- Tuesday

It's Tuesday- the second day of June's prepping challenge over at Judy's Patchwork Times.  This month we're considering how we would cook food to feed our families if there happened to be a prolonged power outage, a subject of concern for anyone who has small children...

Today was one of those days when the kids refused to eat. They started snacking behind my back first thing in the morning and didn't seem to stop. (This is the biggest reason that snack foods are going to be removed from my house very soon. Most of them, anyway...) The only plus side to this is that Little Miss has begun automatically sharing the snacks with her little sister. I guess sharing is good. What isn't so good is the fact that every time I offered them food, they refused to eat it.

So, today would be very easy to do with no power. The only cooking done in the house was the leftovers I reheated for lunch. Needless to say, my bread didn't get made... Maybe tomorrow?

Supper was in a restaurant with my in-laws. Decent food, lovely company. :)  We ate grilled sandwiches, which would also not be too difficult with a cast iron skillet and a fire, so the only changes would be 1) we would've eaten them at home, and 2) we would've skipped the French fries that came with two of the plates. But the fruit cup would still have been simple, just all of us would've had them...

Judy's alternative cooking article today is on Dutch ovens. I mentioned yesterday that my husband has a couple. We also have a couple of cookbooks with recipes specifically designed for them. I haven't been able to try them out yet, but I plan to- soon. (I keep trying to organize a camping trip, but something always comes up. I think that would be the perfect excuse to play with them.) Eventually, my husband will be home from work long enough for one of us to wrestle the kids while the other plays with fire. ;) Either that, or the kids will both be old enough to allow me to get things done without hanging off my legs or falling into the fire pit... (Which is my biggest fear, really. They don't have enough fear of fire. They get that from their daddy- he seems to have slight pyro tendencies. This is why I can't burn candles in my house anymore. I miss my candles...)

Anyway, I love the Dutch ovens and I want to learn to use them so I have the excuse to get an entire set of them. They always remind me of the Laura Ingalls books I used to read when I was younger. (Can't wait to introduce my kids to them!) I'm glad that my husband wants to use them and is willing to learn with me (even if all he wants to make is chili). And with our woodpile, I think that this would make a reasonable cooking alternative if it ever becomes necessary. Now, I just need to practice!

I'm throwing these pictures in, just because I've been trying for weeks to get this little pucker face she makes. And because my husband's phone will not let him download the pictures we send him while he's at work...
                     So, here's Baby Girl and her cute little pucker. I have no clue why she does this.

                                                                    ...and again. :)

                                                    Little Miss also had to get in on it. :)

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