Monday, June 2, 2014

Sad. And Confused.

We had a rough weekend here. We lost two of our sweet Easter babies- Quacky and Little Bit. The oldest and the youngest (although only separated by about 48 hours, total) and also our favorites of the bunch. :(
I have no idea what happened. They seemed completely healthy and happy, just like the other three. There was no sign of injury. No mark on them. They just went to bed Friday night as usual and didn't wake up Saturday morning. My husband found them when he went to let everyone out of lockup for the night. I'm confused about what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. I spent most of the weekend worrying that the others would suddenly suffer the same fate. So far, they seem perfectly healthy and content. I hope it continues.
The remaining three did seem a little confused about the whereabouts of their yellow friends. But now they seem more confused that we moved the duck house out of the corner we originally had it in. We moved it because we were afraid there was some sort of plant or something that Quacky and Little Bit might have gotten into. Although, I sort of doubt that. There wasn't anything green left near them. I would have expected ill effects much sooner if a plant had been responsible.
We let them out into the yard for a while Saturday. It seemed to distract them from looking for the other two. They splashed and played for quite a while. It looked like fun, actually.
They've grown a lot since the last photos I took. They're almost the same size now, and all of their baby features have disappeared. No clue which is really which now, I've just been randomly calling out names at them. They don't seem to mind. For now, the one in back is Heartie, and the one in the very front is Stripe. Spot seems to have lost all identifying marks. Still waiting to figure out for sure boys and girls. All I know is that all three of them still seem to have a nice loud quack when they deem it necessary. (One of the books I read said that only the females can actually quack. I choose to see this as a good sign. My husband really wants some duck eggs...)

I'm rereading my books and looking online for hints as to what might have happened. Until then, I suppose I'll continue to be a bit worried about my three remaining Easter babies. And also possibly the chickens, although they don't seem to be suffering any ill health either. I think I'm just completely paranoid now...

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