Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Finish! Finally...

Sadly, it isn't my Painted Desert Shawl. That still needs blocking. And I have yet to find a spot in this house large enough and undisturbed enough to pin it out... I'm working on that. Really.

Instead, I have one finished pair of Christmas present socks. These are for my sweet Little Miss. And the only reason I can post this picture is that she never, ever reads my blog. Well, that and she already knows she's getting them, because they were a special request, she picked out the yarn herself, and then she watched me working on them.

 I like them. And I hope they fit well. (I haven't let her try them on. I'm afraid she'll try to keep them.) I'm sort of nervous that she might outgrow them before December, but they stretch (I hope), so I'm going to risk it.
 I also really am liking this Inversibles yarn. I love that the second one looks really not much at all like the first. I'm thinking it might be helping to stave off the dreaded SSS (for those who never read the Yarn Harlot's blog, that stands for Second Sock Syndrome. And you should totally read her blog- hilarious!) Not that I would know for sure, seeing as this is my very first ever non-infant sized pair of socks ever completed. (We will not be discussing any unfinished, unmatched, or half finished pairs that may or may not have existed. Just, no.)
 Also, I snapped some pictures of my new babies that did come home with me Sunday in lieu of the lovely bison.

This one, I admit, I only bought when I saw the name of it. The yarn is Paca Peds HT, and the color is (get this) Frog & Piggy. Doesn't that just scream Muppets? I love it! Of course, I had to look up the proper name because I've been thinking of it as Kermit and Miss Piggy ever since I picked it up and saw the label...

 This one, is called Happy Birdie. And I really have no good excuse, the colors just jumped out at me. Socks? Fingerless mitts? Something else entirely? I'll figure it out- probably not until after Christmas, though.
 Last one. This is Smooshy. It is cashmere. And it is mine. The color is Emerald Darkness. And according to the label, there is enough there for a pair of socks. For me. Eventually. But not until after Christmas. (I think that's going to be a common theme over the next few months. I finally get my desire to knit back, just in time to make Christmas presents. At least it is back. Now if only time to knit would come back, as well...)
 Here's the book I mentioned. And the other one. She says both are very good. The one on top is full of pictures and deals briefly with both wheels and spindles. The one on the bottom is solely for drop spindles. Since that is, at the moment, my only prayer of learning to spin, I grabbed it on my way to the register. It has more detail, if not more pictures.
That's about it for now. I've started a Christmas present that obviously can't be shown here for a few months. And, as mentioned, my shawl still isn't blocked, so I don't really want to show it until I'm sure I'm happy with it.

All of that is about to go on hold for a bit, though. Tomorrow is the last of July. That means that Camp Loopy Challenge 3 is about to start. As of Friday morning, I will be dropping everything else for as long as it takes me to finish Maple Leaf Knit Shawl. Or until August 31st. Whichever comes first.

Which gives me time to read through the pattern (I hope). And, tonight, if I don't fall asleep first, I'm going to knit my test swatch to try and get gauge. So, this lovely will be my company for the next hour or so. :)

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