Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's about time! Or, possibly, this is gonna be trouble...

My Little Miss started her ballet camp this week. Here are a couple of shots of her right before her first lesson on Tuesday.
                                               I love the little bow in the back. Adorable.

Today, as I was trying to get everybody dressed, rounded up, and stuffed into the car to drive her to ballet on time, I noticed a really strange sound coming from the backyard. Listening closely, I realized the sound was coming from the chickens. In the interests of not being late, I chose to ignore the weird noises they were making and chase everyone into car seats. I figured I could deal with it when I got home. They didn't look panicked, they just sounded weird.

At naptime, I went out to investigate. My husband and I had a theory about that noise. We were right. This is the cause of all the commotion:

That noise is the sound a poor little chicken makes when trying to lay an egg. Huh. Who knew?

 Looks like seven of the ten girls decided that today was a good day. I imagine it was something of a shock to the poor little things. (Judging purely by the amount of noise, of course.) And I feel really bad for the poor girl who had to lay that one in the front here as her very first effort.

We've been looking forward to this day. And I just KNEW that those chickens would wait until I had an entire dozen farmer's market eggs in my fridge to pull this on us. (They did.) So, I guess it's eggs for supper. And maybe breakfast. And now, suddenly, I'm re-doing the math and worrying that I will be buried under a mountain of eggs that we cannot eat fast enough, no matter how hard we try...

In happier news, my husband let me order some yarn this morning. (Yes, I needed permission. It was his card that paid for it all. :) So, I suppose that means that my sweet, wonderful husband bought me some yummy yarn this morning. Yay! The only downside to that is that he's gonna want me to use it all...) I'm hoping this means that I'll start squeezing in some sort of crafting time very, very soon. Because the year is half gone, and I have officially started worrying about Christmas gifts. Possibly, I'm a little late on the worrying. My SIL has been counting down all year long (since about two days after last Christmas), so it shouldn't really be a surprise that we are nearing the middle of July, but as always- I was ignoring that. But, my girls (just Little Miss, actually, but if one gets something handmade, the other does, too) have started demanding that I make them things. Which means that I'd better get moving if I'm gonna have a prayer of churning out the desired items in time for Christmas. I'm not sure who is getting handmade gifts and what they will be yet, but I'm starting to plan. Which means I'd better get to work actually doing, as well...

All of this rambling is really just meant to say that hopefully, I will soon have a few pictures of actual craft projects to post. Maybe. (I have been canning jams and pickles, lately. Does that count as craft projects?) I have picked up a knitting project that I started back before Baby Girl was born, and I've been messing with it for a week or so. There isn't much visible progress, but we're inching there. I need about three more inches of this slow, slogging knitting before I reach a point where something different happens. Then I have to start all over again to make the match to the pair... :(  And if I ever decide to knit a pair of tube socks ever again, somebody please- smack me. Hard! It'll be a miracle if the match to this thing gets made at any point in the next three years. I obviously need a pattern that at least lets me turn a heel so I can feel like I've accomplished something. If I can find a good (and easy) toe-up pattern, that would be even better!

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