Monday, July 14, 2014

The Mail is Here!

My very first (and second!) box of fun is here! Yay! There was a good size box, and a slightly larger one.
The smaller box was the first order we made. It has a couple of sock patterns sized for little ones and some sock yarn for Christmas present socks. The glaringly pink and purple one is for Little Miss, in case you were wondering. She picked it all out herself. Here's a link to the post that will show you a little about the yarns. They're called Inversibles, by Fibernymph Dye Works. They look pretty neat. And the colors are lovely. I really wanted to order more than we did. Maybe next time. (The blue and green at the bottom is Hedgehog Fibers Lagoon.)
 There was also a little surprise inside- a tape measure and a tiny little snippet of yarn, designed to make you desperately want more. There were several pieces of candy inside the package as well, but they didn't stick around long enough to be photographed. (I had a five-year-old watching me very closely, and she scooped up the candy as soon as she realized I was too preoccupied to complain.)

The second box had, of course, my yarn for Camp Loopy challenge 3. It is Colinette Jitterbug in the color October Afternoon. This is the pattern for the shawl I want to try to make. The challenge directions said to use your favorite color, or a color that makes you happy, so I was originally looking for a pattern I wanted to make in green. Or possibly blue. Then I saw that shawl, and when I found this yarn at TLE, I knew it had to happen. There is a little bit of green in this, so it totally counts. :)

 This is more than the required 800 yards. I'm thinking seriously about some fingerless mitts or socks with whatever is leftover. Or possibly a hat.

Also with my Campy Loopy order was this paper. Not sure you can read it, but apparently I am in Bear Cave Ct., whatever that means. It has something to do with the forums over on Ravelry, I think.

Of course, a tiny bit of extra snuck into the order when we got the shawl yarn. (My excuse is that we had to make sure we qualified for the free shipping. Obviously.)

The two little ones are called Unicorn Tails, the white is Antler and the other is Big Sur. I showed remarkable restraint, I think, in settling for just the two. I wanted them all. The colors are so pretty. So, that's on my list to try to talk my husband into...

The larger skein is gorgeous. It is called Willow, by Huckleberry Knits, and the color is Browncoat. Quite apart from the fact that I love that name, the yarn is gorgeous. I wish I had gotten more. Like about 15 skeins more... (I did the math on that, actually. Just a few minutes ago. I was gonna beg shamelessly and see if my poor husband fell for it. But, after seeing the resulting number, I decided that I love him far, far too much to purposely give him a heart attack. Seriously. The number was that bad...)

Apparently, The Loopy Eve has some sort of rewards program. I'm not super clear on exactly how it works, but when I ordered the challenge yarn, I apparently leveled up. Also in my box were these little goodies:

There's a cute little pattern, complete with yarn. And some really great cards for gift giving. They have a place for care instructions of whatever knitted thing you're giving.

And here's how I know this was some sort of reward thingy: Apparently I am now at Sunshine Peak. Which is making some of the chatter on the forum make a bit more sense. I was sort of wondering what they were talking about when they kept saying they were headed places like "Castle Peak". Now I know. And if my husband is generous another time or two before Christmas, it looks like Little Bear Peak is the next stop. I won't hold my breath for too long on that. He will definitely want to see a lot of progress on the yarn he's already paid for.

I guess that means I'd better jump back into the knitting and get away from the computer. I'm trying to get all the rows on my shawl finished tonight before I pass out from exhaustion. Technically, I'm on the last row the pattern calls for before adding the edging. But I'm seriously considering adding a couple more rows to it before finishing up with the edging. I think there's going to be enough yarn to get away with that. I suppose I'll know for sure by tomorrow.

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