Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today's Accomplishments:

They're few and far between. But I thought I might list them here to prove to myself that they do actually exist.

1) Both kids are still alive. This is mildly surprising, all things considered. It's been a rough one, starting way too early, and full of grumpy, grumpy people. (Myself not excepted.)

2) We made it to the last day of summer ballet camp, and we were even on time. In spite of an en route stop at the post office. (One that I truly did not want to mess with today, but it's over now.)

3) I made supper. Nothing fancy. But, at least there was actual food. For a while there, I didn't think it was going to be allowed. I seem to be unable to move from my chair without Baby Girl screaming and crying her head off about it.

4) I got the dishwasher loaded and run. Thank goodness. Sort of hoping to do that again before I fall asleep. Children allowing, of course.

5) I made it out to check the chickens in the middle of the day. This one really surprised me, and only happened because I ran out to check for eggs while Baby Girl was in her bed- screaming her head off because she doesn't plan to nap today. No matter how very much I really need her to, to preserve the last little strand of my sanity. (Maybe she truly believes it's too late?)  We had six more eggs today, by the way. Seem to be averaging approximately half a dozen a day. Not sure how long this will keep up- I think they're supposed to slow down/stop laying for the winter? In the meantime, anybody want some eggs? There are over two dozen sitting in my fridge right now, with no reason to assume that I won't get another five or six tomorrow... (With my husband still kidnapped in a foreign country, we really cannot eat that many eggs.)

6) I have not (yet) completely lost it and run away, screaming, into the night in the hopes of finding somewhere quiet. Maybe someplace where I can sit and knit, maybe drink an entire cup of tea before it goes stone cold... I consider this to be the biggest accomplishment of my day, so far. Sort of proud of myself for not running away from home, actually... Although, I find myself daydreaming about it every two minutes today, on average. Maybe Australia? Belize? Edmonton? (Although, it's probably chillier there than I would prefer... My sweetie is there, though, so that's a point in its favor, even if it is too chilly.)

7) And, I was actually allowed to type this up without too much interference/screaming about it. Mostly because I still have her tied up in her high chair finishing her dinner...

On the list of things I have not managed to accomplish today:
(This is a much abbreviated version, obviously.)

1) I did not manage to drink my cup of tea in peace and quiet this morning, in spite of being awakened at 5:30am.  In fact, at this point in time, I still have not had a cup of tea. This is disappointing because it is my only allowed source of caffeine. And I need my caffeine. (This means that, in my desperation, I have had to resort to not allowed sources of caffeine. Sad, but necessary. Hopefully tomorrow is a much, much better day.)

2) I did not manage to convince Baby Girl that she: a) woke up way too early, b) needed to actually take a freaking nap instead of dozing for 5 minutes on the way home from ballet camp and calling it quits, or c) keep your clothes on so the air conditioning doesn't give you chill bumps. (It isn't even very warm here this week.)

3) I did not manage, again, to get all of the laundry folded and put away. I still have about two loads worth to deal with. If I ever get an actual naptime ever again, I can take care of that. There's always tomorrow, I suppose. I don't plan to go anywhere tomorrow. I'm tired of running all over the place and missing naptime. (I love naptime, I really do. The only way it could be better is if I was actually allowed to have a nap, too.)

4) Even though I spent an hour on it last night, and have continued to try and swatch it today, I still have not managed to get gauge for my shawl project, which I am supposed to start knitting tomorrow. Even though I have changed needle sizes three times and have willfully stretched the swatch into an approximation of "aggressively blocked", it still refuses to come close. I'm about to give up and just knit it anyway, gauge or no gauge. (Yes, this is probably just begging for trouble, but I'm about to decide I don't care that much. I think I like the fabric I'm getting with the smaller needles and the larger the needles get, the less I like it. If it goes up anymore, I'm not sure I can stand it...) If I can ever manage to get this last swatch large enough to work with, I might manage to wash and block it before I pass out tonight. Maybe it will look better tomorrow. :/

Here's hoping bedtime comes soon...

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