Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are We Having an Alien Invasion?

Because all day, I keep thinking that the body-snatchers have invaded Alberta and that my husband is now actually a pod person...

I should explain, huh?

Where to start?... Remember a while back, when I went to the yarn shop and fell hard for that awesome buffalo? And I decided not to try and give my husband heart failure over the price of it?...

Well, it turns out that even without being willing to actually give him a total (although I did break down and tell him the price of each individual skein), I couldn't help but mention (possibly repeatedly) how much I loved this stuff, and how it was a totally reasonable price, considering...

Well, this morning I woke up to find my husband telling me to buy the buffalo.

I know.

 Shocked doesn't really begin to describe my reaction. After a few minutes to absorb this news, I naturally inquired as to the whereabouts of my real husband. It took several text messages and a facetime session to convince me that it was really him saying it. And, even then, I still thought insanity or pod people were most likely involved. Still...

What? I was supposed to turn him down? You know better than that, right? Happy birthday to me!! (That's the explanation he chose to use to explain his sudden generosity/insanity, by the way. Even though my birthday is a month away. I tell you what, if this is what surprise double-time days do to him, those people need to work on all the Canadian holidays...)

Here it is again... (Pardon the crappy pictures. It's a much more gorgeous chocolate brown than it appears here.)
The label doesn't show, so let me read it off to you. The important parts, anyway. This stuff is called
"Heaven". That's the name of it. "Heaven." No arguments from me. 100% bison down, 2-ply lace weight. It's from The Buffalo Wool Co. and supposedly there are 400 yards here. (On each skein. There are three skeins. I bought out the store. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not.) Doesn't look like it to me, but then, it never does.

This is the closest pattern they had to the one the sample scarf was done up in. (I briefly considered trying to buy that scarf, too. But I resisted. It was hard.)
 I tried to get a closer view of the actual pattern here:
 It is close to what I saw in the shop, but not exact. And I'm not certain that this is what I will use when I get around to knitting it up. But it is definitely in the running.

As for the Camp Loopy challenge, I'm still plugging along. It's going very slowly. I may have made several small miscalculations.

For a start, lace is probably not something I'm going to do much of for a few more years. I've found out that I have very little time to spend on it. Because there is counting to be done. And I cannot count when someone is jabbering at me. I know this now, because I tried. Didn't work. What this means is that I now have no time to work on my shawl, because the nap times I thought I would have have completely vanished. The only time I'm getting any work done is after I stick the girls into bed (but before I pass out myself- a very small window of time, especially when one or both of the girls makes sure to drag me out of a sound sleep at least once or twice a night) or first thing in the morning. If I happen to be dragged awake before the girls. This has cut down on my knitting time considerably.

Secondly, I've chosen to knit a shawl. This means that every single row (okay, okay- every other row) gets bigger than the last... The problems with that should be obvious. The longer it takes to do a row, the fewer rows I get done per day.

I'm starting to think that I might not get this thing finished in time. And that's a sad thing to be thinking already, because it's only the 5th day of the month. Maybe my husband's kidnappers will finally let him come home and I can get an extra row or two in every day. Maybe? I hope.

Here's what I have so far:
This is exactly 58 finished rows. (The shortest ones.) I have twice that many to go. And then I have the tips of the leaf points to go back and add. Plus the blocking at the end...
I better get back to work!

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