Friday, August 29, 2014

Camp Loopy Challenge Results

It's finally finished! The Loopy Ewe's Camp Loopy Challenge 3 project is done.

 I didn't think I was going to make it, honestly. I thought I was so far behind that there was no hope.

I was making pretty good progress in the beginning. You might remember this picture:

This was taken when there were approximately 55ish rows finished. I was very happy with progress and with the look of it. And then...

Well, a couple of days later, I realized that it was nowhere near big enough. I was at row 78 or so, and hadn't even made it much more than a quarter of the way through the required amount of yarn... Not good.

That's when I had to frog it.

I spent the next week or so just getting back to the same place I was before. No progress whatsoever. Bummer, right?

The good news is that the larger needles worked much better. And once I finally got back to my previous starting point, I was pretty sure there would be plenty of time to finish up. Even though what I had only looked like this:

I think this was about 75 rows or so.

Then things slowed down quite a bit. I got distracted by that spindle, and I got busy with all the other non-crafty things going on. As a result, this project slowed down a lot. Like, to a complete standstill for a few days. (I did manage to get Baby Girl's Christmas socks done during all of the running around, so that's a plus. But still.)

Then, last week, I looked at the calendar and panicked. And then I locked myself in my bedroom and ignored everybody for a few hours. Several times.

This morning, I finally finished weaving in the ends. All ten million of them. This afternoon, it blocked on my bed. It filled the entire top of the (king sized) bed. This surprised me. I suppose it's because I couldn't tell what this whole mess would look like when it was all scrunched up on the circular needles. (Which is the main reason I am not fond of circulars.)

My sweetie helped me take pictures of it this evening. I guess you want to see some of them? Here you go. (Please forgive a couple of these. I tried to take them myself, but I am super bad at that sort of thing. His are much better.):

So, there it is. I kinda love it a little bit. Not sure when or where I will ever have occasion to wear it. But I love it.

For my first attempt at a real lace pattern, I'm happy with it. I can see a lot of little tiny goofs, and one pretty major one. (I won't point them out to anyone else, though. Just in case nobody else notices...) But I think it turned out pretty awesome. I might even make another one. Someday. And only without a deadline.

Now, I just have to keep myself away from that spindle often enough to get the rest of my Christmas projects finished and I'm home free...

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  1. Like! Let's plan a trip to Barter or something so you have an excuse to wear it.