Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 1- In Which I Am an Idiot

An impulsive idiot, apparently. Which seems really unlike me. (The impulsive part. Not necessarily the idiot part.) I don't usually just do things like this with abandon... Except this time, I guess.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to find an unexpected email receipt for a book I apparently pre-ordered and then forgot about wanting. So, I opened it up and started reading it. And it reminded me that I had cruised this blog a while back and considered this 10 day challenge.

My sister pointed me to this blog. I think. Or, maybe I found it on pinterest and then found out that she reads it? I can't remember. But, since the subject ties in so well with my other reading this year, I spent several days reading the challenge and related posts. Often with the certainty that she would never survive it without breaking the rules they had agreed on. (Especially during the budget version of her blogging.) I briefly flirted with the idea of doing the challenge, but chickened out when I started trying to come up with suitable foods that the kids would actually eat. It seemed so impossible. (Still sorta does, really.)

 I guess that must have been when I ordered the book.

Then I went away and forgot all about it.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I started reading the book, of course, since it was already on my reader (as mentioned above). And I remembered that I had briefly considered this challenge. And given it up as a bad idea. But for some reason, it stuck in my brain.

All day long, the idea of doing the challenge kept popping up, and every time it did, I fussed at myself for being ridiculous. Then I made the mistake of mentioning it to my husband. For some crazy reason, he didn't seem to think it was completely insane and impossible. He was actually willing to give it a try- on the condition that we don't actually give away or throw away any of the food we already have that is not allowed by the rules. I think he plans on eating it in about 9 days...

I fought down the urge to sign up once more and went on about my business...

Then the subject came up briefly over dinner with friends, and I told my husband that if he really wanted to try it, I would have to go to the grocery store before morning to have appropriate breakfast and school lunch selections for Little Miss. (She's even pickier than me, if anyone can bring themselves to believe that. And, oh, how I hope she outgrows that ASAP.) He still had no opinion.

We got back home and did the bedtime for babies thing, and settled in for a few minutes before we collapsed ourselves. And suddenly, there was that crazy stinkin' idea again! And I guess I had a moment of temporary insanity or something, because there I was- sitting at the computer, officially signing us up for the challenge.

And that's how I ended up at the grocery store last night trying to buy a few veggies at 10 pm... (A very few, and thank goodness it wasn't a full on shopping spree. It took 15 minutes for them to figure out how to ring up my stuff. And I still sent some of it back because she couldn't figure it out...)

So, our first day is nearly over. We got off to a very shaky start. My husband and I had eggs for breakfast (which is fine. I have no idea how to get fresher, more local eggs than that). But he flat out refused to abandon his toast. It was homemade bread, but it still doesn't fit the rules. (You can see an explanation of the rules here.) It is plain old yummy white bread with no nutritional value or whole grains whatsoever. Bummer. I'm hoping he'll do better tomorrow. Little Miss had fruit, no problem and no complaints. Yay!

Then, it was off to school for her and off on errands for us (including the farmer's market and grocery store for some whole grains to get us through the next few days). Lunch was snacky, with lots of various fruits and veggies. And his farmer's market salsa (which he pretty much filled the fridge with when he heard it fits the criteria of the challenge). Of course, one of the things we had to buy was something appropriate for him to dip into it. So, even though it technically follows the rules to the best of my ability to determine, he still bought a pile of junk food on our first day out. :(

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be better.

I'm also hoping to get Little Miss to eat a couple bites of egg. (She recently announced that she only likes them deviled or boiled in pretty shapes. Not scrambled. Or in "bacon pie.") We'll see how it goes over. She wasn't thrilled with our cornbread recipe this evening. Everyone else loved it. To the point that my husband has announced that this recipe will be the only one he ever uses anymore. Luckily, she ate her green beans and potatoes.

This evening has so far seen meltdowns over everything from the food not being exactly what she wanted to being asked to put her milk away on her way past the fridge. I know kindergarten is exhausting. I'm tired, and I don't even have to sit in class all day. And I know that my Little Miss Picky is going to hate the new rules and foods for the next week and a half. But, most of the food we plan so far is high up on her favorites list. There are only a couple of modifications necessary. So, hopefully she'll come around soon.

As for me, I'm okay. For now. I can do anything for one day. The soda withdrawal will kick in tomorrow, though. Most likely closely followed by the sugar/chocolate withdrawal... I think it is a severe understatement to say that I am not looking forward to any of that. At all. I'm totally okay with most of the other changes. They seem to mostly be changes I've been trying to make and stick to all year. (I haven't had much success, sadly.)

I predict that the next 9 days are only going to get harder for everyone...

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  1. May want to try my "egg muffins" idea. I make mini omelets in a silicone muffin pan. (375 for 30 min.) Mine usually have an egg, some cheddar, and some sausage crumbles, but you can add whatever veggies you want (or they'll eat). They're good fresh for a week and they also freeze well. I nuke them for 45s (from thawed) to re-heat; that's what I have school days for breakfast. I make crescent rounds to have some bread with them, but that's optional.