Friday, August 1, 2014

Off to the Races...

Today is the first of August, which means that the Camp Loopy challenge 3 hosted by The Loopy Ewe has officially begun.

And I have officially started to wonder what in the world I was thinking, planning to have time to actually finish an entire project in just a few short days...

Here's what I have so far:

                                        (Sorry for the not-so-great shot. It really is all there is to see, though.)

What you see in that photo is 16 rows of the first attempt at actual lace that I have ever done. And, yes, it really does look just like that at the moment. I would be super discouraged if I hadn't been told that lace just looks crappy until it's blocked. I'm already discouraged enough without adding that in...

Now that the time has arrived to actually knit the shawl, I've finally realized that there really are not likely to be very many hours this month with which to knit. I had a vague feeling that this might be the case, but today has finally proven it for certain.

I was counting on nap times to help give me a few extra minutes for knitting. But Baby Girl has been resisting naps furiously these last few days. This morning, she actually passed out for an hour or so. Yay! But, when I tried to capitalize on the time, I suddenly had a five-year-old attached to my hip. (The same five-year-old who had spent the previous two hours playing in her bedroom and completely ignoring my existence. Yeah, that one.) And that's when I discovered that the only time I'm likely to have for most of the month is whatever amount of time I can keep my eyes open after bedtime. Because I don't think I can knit this pattern without counting to myself. And I cannot count with anyone sitting next to me and talking to me incessantly.

My project might not get finished by the deadline.

But, so far, I love the yarn. And the color. And so far, I'm able to follow the pattern and not get too confused. And, boy, I hope I didn't just jinx myself with that sentence...

And, now, I'd better shut up and get to knitting. :)

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