Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Review and an Update

As mentioned earlier, my family has been participating in the 10 Day Pledge from the blog 100 Days of Real Food for several days now. Actually, if my counting is correct, we are halfway through. Even though I had considered it months ago, we didn't jump in headfirst until her cookbook was released last week. After reading it (both versions, actually), and making several of the recipes, I've come to a decision: I like it.

I originally pre-ordered the ebook version of 100 Days of Real Food and after reading it, I bought the real actual dead tree version of it. I did this for a couple of reasons. First, because all of the sidebars and charts are much more legible in the larger printed format, with the tables presented in a manner that is much easier to read. There's no back and forth through columns on a too small digital screen, which I love. (That's my least favorite thing about my ereader. Sometimes it's really hard to read charts, tables, and maps.) Also, with the print version, we find it much more convenient for actual cooking. I prefer my cookbooks to be real and not virtual, apparently. (My husband already has our copy well stained and dusted with flour.)

A lot of the recipes and information in the book can probably be found on her blog, if you were motivated to do so. Some people would complain about that, I'm sure, feeling like they shouldn't have to buy a book full of things that are free online. (I've heard complaints of that nature in other book reviews.) Personally, I don't mind that. Searching her blog (which is full of great information and recipes, and which I love and will continue to visit) is a bit more complicated than just opening this book and flipping to the correct page. I find it much more convenient to just grab a book and start cooking (or reading) than to have to search through years of posts or pages, no matter how interesting or informative. Maybe that's just me, but I feel this book is worth the price, simply to have the basics of the information right at my fingertips, right when I want it.

As for the recipes, so far so good. We haven't by any stretch of the imagination tried them all -yet- or even most, but we have been steadily trying new recipes every day or so. (We've also snatched a couple off of her blog's recipe index.) I've been worried about my extremely picky eater, with some justification, but even she scarfed down the Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes without complaint. She did request strawberry slices added (sure!), but she gobbled them up and went for seconds. We've also tried, so far: Super Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits, Whole Wheat Pizza, Whole Wheat Tortillas, and Everyday Whole Wheat Bread. (Mostly staples and things that appear high up on my super picky Little Miss' list of favorite foods. She's been the least cooperative in this endeavor.)Today I think my husband is using the recipe for the Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce (book), and the Asian Coleslaw (blog). No promises that he follows the recipe exactly, but the outcome should be similar. I'm looking forward to it.

Over all, I'm excited to keep using this book in future. The recipes we have tried this week have been delicious. And I have no reason to suspect that all of the recipes won't be every bit as yummy. I have several more planned to try over the next few days. And I'll be back (probably Friday night) with a summary of our completed 10 Day Pledge.

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