Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here we go...

Tomorrow is it. Day one of October Unprocessed.

I needed the jump start, I think, to get me back on track with the real food rules from our 10 Day Pledge. It's been a struggle to once again get organized (still haven't managed it) and arguing with the kid over why we're doing it. (She still doesn't want to, even though she admits that she felt better that week and a half. Tough. She's stuck.)

Once again, we're plunging in rather unprepared. And once again, there will be a panicked flight to the grocery store tomorrow morning. If I can scrape up a workable grocery list. Also, I need to find something appropriate to feed people in the morning...

I'd better get to work. I'll try to keep you posted on all the trials and tribulations. (Also, if I ever get some decent pictures taken, I have an actual finished project to show you! I know! I was surprised too.)

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