Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas, part 2

It took me a bit longer than intended to get to part 2 (so what else is new?), but here we are, finally!And since Christmas is now long gone, almost everything has been delivered. There's one left that I can't show until next week, but here's the rest. I think...

This is the shawl for my grandmother. It is pink, but maybe not quite as pink as it looks in this photo. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. 

These are the two mugs for my sister. She has a Pinterest board full of things she wants people to make for her, and these were listed, so...
 I loved this little piggy button, but I could only get my hands on one of the darn little things... (And it took ages to get here...)

So, the second mug doesn't actually match, but I love this little heart button, too. I think the cable shows up a bit better in this photo, too.

This is the first of the herd (warren? flock? whatever group name applies...) of little bunnies I made this year. And it also is the only boy bunny of them all. He hasn't been delivered yet, either, but there's almost no chance of my nephew looking here, so it'll be fine. :)
 Here's a group shot of the rest of the little bunnies:

Five little girl bunnies in cute little dresses, for five little girls who are also quite cute. (My little ones each snagged a bunny for Christmas, and my three adorable little nieces got the others.)

Looking at these pictures, I see that I still don't have that bunny hat uploaded yet. So that's two more Christmas presents left to post. I'll get that up in the next couple of days. I'm going to get back to my dishcloths for now. (I have no idea, really. I just suddenly needed to make some dishcloths. Maybe I'm not quite as recovered from that cold as I thought I finally was...)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas, part 1

So, as promised, here is the first of several posts to show you my Christmas knitting. I have one, maybe two, more I can post before Christmas, and then the rest will have to wait until after.
This first one is the hat and scarf I did for Baby Girl. She got a hat last year, but it doesn't fit her anymore. I don't know that she'll actually agree to wear either of these, but at least she has them. (It won't surprise me if she never touches them after Christmas morning, really. Her sister pretty much ignores the ones she got last year, so...)

Little Miss is getting a hat this year, as well. I took pictures the other day, but I guess they haven't made it from the camera to the computer yet. I'll work on that...

And here's a shot of both pairs of the socks I did, one pair each. I showed the bigger pair a while back, right after they were finished. ( you can find that post here, if you're interested ) Since then, I've added the smaller pair. I really like this weird, mismatched stripe thing that this yarn does. I'm definitely planning to do some more socks next year, although I think they'll be for me this time.

So, that's all for now. I'll be back in a day or so with a few more pictures. :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Busy, Busy

Wow. I had no idea it had been this long since I posted last. Time really gets away from me at the end of the year. I've been busily working away at all of the Christmas gifts I want to give this year. And I'm happy to report that I only have one left to finish. I really want to have it finished by Sunday night, if possible. Hopefully I can do it. Next week is super full of baking chores.

I'm hoping to get some pictures of the finished gifts during naptime today. If I can manage it, I'll slowly start posting a few of the ones that aren't spoilers. (Which means, you'll mostly just get to see the things I made for the few people I know for sure never look at my blog. Which means, my girls and my nieces and nephew. Pretty sure he never looks here, although I think his mom occasionally does.)

I'm thinking next year, I need to start on the Christmas gifts in January, because July was apparently not early enough. If it was, I'd have been finished by now. :/  This is particularly true since this year's projects were all fairly small-ish. Next year, I have several much bigger and more involved projects I would like to make for certain of my relatives. Yipes! So, basically, the day after Christmas, I'm thinking I should probably start some serious planning...

There's also the matter of several extremely neglected UFO's lingering downstairs. I'm getting sort of sick of having them nag at me every time I walk by them. I think I need to make an effort to get at least one or two of them finished next year. :(

Wow. My year is already full (and more than a bit hopeless looking) and it isn't even January yet. :)

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures up here soon. I know posts without pictures are incredibly boring. :) And between the sweeties I'll be whipping up in the kitchen this next week, and the snaps of a few Christmas gifts, I should have plenty to show for the next week or so.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple of shots from our doomed Christmas card photo shoot. The little one just did not want to cooperate. At all.

Sadly, the ones we had to use for the card weren't that much better than these. But at least she wasn't actually screaming in those...

And... that reminds me- I need to get those cards addressed and in the mail!!