Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas, part 1

So, as promised, here is the first of several posts to show you my Christmas knitting. I have one, maybe two, more I can post before Christmas, and then the rest will have to wait until after.
This first one is the hat and scarf I did for Baby Girl. She got a hat last year, but it doesn't fit her anymore. I don't know that she'll actually agree to wear either of these, but at least she has them. (It won't surprise me if she never touches them after Christmas morning, really. Her sister pretty much ignores the ones she got last year, so...)

Little Miss is getting a hat this year, as well. I took pictures the other day, but I guess they haven't made it from the camera to the computer yet. I'll work on that...

And here's a shot of both pairs of the socks I did, one pair each. I showed the bigger pair a while back, right after they were finished. ( you can find that post here, if you're interested ) Since then, I've added the smaller pair. I really like this weird, mismatched stripe thing that this yarn does. I'm definitely planning to do some more socks next year, although I think they'll be for me this time.

So, that's all for now. I'll be back in a day or so with a few more pictures. :)

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