Friday, February 27, 2015

Cabin Fever

I guess that's what I have. We've pretty much been snowed in for the last two weeks- no school, no extracurricular classes, no company other than each other... Blech! (Technically, we could've gotten out if we had to. Probably. But we had no urgent needs and I had zero desire to be out with all the crazies who can't drive in this mess. Given the option, I always stay at home any time the weather gets iffy.)

I don't know about the weather where you are, but we have had an unusual amount of snow here this month. I haven't seen this much snow since my husband moved us all down here. And all of it has hit in the last week and a half or so. Not fun at all. We're pretty much sick of each other's company.

We've only ventured out for groceries a couple of times and today was an adventure. All the streets and parking lots are pretty cleared off by now, but our rather long, uphill driveway is another story. We very nearly didn't make it to the road. The temperature is just above freezing for now, and the sun is out, so I'm hoping that some of that junk will melt down out of the way before I need to venture out again...

I think this confinement is probably the main reason for my crafty ADD. Well, the cabin fever coupled with my discovery of this blog (Plays With Needles), is probably to blame for my crafty ADD... (You should totally click over and browse. Her work is gorgeous!! I'm very awed and envious of her talents.) Even though I have quite a few projects going on, I want to drop them all and start a new one. Preferably one filled with green and the hope of spring. Probably one far outside my skill set. I've been browsing and pinning gorgeous embroideries all week now over on Pinterest. Also crazy quilts. And some knitting. I have dragged out every embroidery, needlework, and crazy quilting book I own and stared longingly at all the pretty pictures. I've been window shopping on craft supplies websites and dreaming of a time when there is no more snow and ice. Dreaming of warm temperatures. Dreaming of the ability to migrate south every winter, like a bird... (I hear Australia is nice this time of year. I've always wanted to go there...)

I am so ready for spring...

I mentioned last time that my older girl had done a project. She bought a little kit at the craft store, and it took her most of two days to finish it (with a little help from me, but not too much...). Here it is:

This is a shot of Sid (the teddy bear) and the blanket and pillow.

Here's Bebe the Bunny. Front:

And back. (You can just make out the little tail.):

Bebe is very fond of Sid and takes good care of him. Little Miss is also very fond of Sid. It's possible she likes him better than she likes the bunny. Shh... Don't tell Bebe!
So, that's what we've been up to for the last little while. And, I expect we'll be occupying ourselves in much the same way for the next few days. With any luck, our horrible weather is done, and maybe schools will even open back up next week. (They've been closed now for two entire weeks...)
 I'm going to attempt to find some time and willpower and just power through my very terrible case of startitis and get at least one of these current projects finished before I cave in and start a new one. (For more information on startitis, see the Yarn Harlot, who I believe invented the word. Her definition seems to be exclusively related to knitting, but I believe it is a universal condition that all crafty types sometimes succumb to. Actually, even if you aren't interested in learning about startitis, you should read her stuff anyway. Her books are great. I spent a lovely couple of weeks last year binge reading everything I could find with her byline. Including her entire blog. She's awesome.)
Next time, I'll have pictures of my one finished item this year. And with any luck, I'll be very close to another finished project. Maybe...

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