Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baby Blankets

So... as I mentioned before, my husband has been contracting out my sewing this year... I've been busy with his sewing, and I'm falling behind on the projects I wanted to jump right into. But that's okay. For now.

 I finally got the first two blankies finished last weekend. (One more to go, for now.) We snapped a couple of (not great) pictures and threw them into the mail.

This is just my standard baby blanket. The only adjustments I made were in swapping out the little Dutch girls for bears. (And on the other blanket, jungle critters.)

The first person specifically requested teddy bears, so he got teddy bears. Boy, did he ever!

The color is much better down in the second picture...

 I adore the flannel on this blanket!

Isn't it cute?

The other blanket turned out to be jungle-type animals. (Technically, I suppose it's more of an African plains sort of fauna, but jungle is easier to say and it gets the point across quickly, don't you think?) I love the little lions- which is good, because I have a bunch more lion flannel. Enough for two more blankies- but the little elephants just... I have no words...

I can find some words about those rotten little crocodiles, though. But I won't. They aren't super polite, those words...

You see, the picture I was working off of to make my pattern, well... It had a lovely little spine ridge down the back and tail of the little croc... But, when I went to make the applique pieces, it did not work. At all. So, after much headache (and not polite language) and a consultation to get my husband's opinion, I scrapped the entire ridge piece. And I think he looks okay without it. Not as cute as he would've been, but okay.

And then, about two hours after I finished the freakin' blanket, inspiration hit me- I should've used rick rack for the spine ridge! (Slaps herself in the forehead. Again.) I have no idea why that idea waited around in my stupid brain until after I'd already finished the blanket, but wait it did- just a little too long. As you can see, I didn't go back and modify anything. This time. But watch out if I ever make crocodiles again!!

Another full blanket shot.

Here's a close up of the flannel. It's a sort of jungle scrapbook photo sort of thing...

 It's cute. But the little bears and ducks have won my heart. I would go back and buy an entire bolt of that teddy flannel if I could. (Unfortunately, the store doesn't have any more. I looked the other day.)

So, now I'm off. I have another blanket to finish up for my husband's friends. Gotta hop to it! :)

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  1. Love 'em; I really like the jungle animals. Your "typical" blankie is applique; I'm doing a lot of bright split rails. You're right, the bear flannel is sweet (and snuggly--it's flannel).