Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Moving along...

Now that I've finally gotten all caught up with crafty type news from last year, and bragged on my little crafter-in-training, I can jump up to what little bit I've accomplished this year so far.

Okay, up until a few days ago, this was my one and only finished object for the year. It's a tooth fairy pillow. I got the pattern from an issue of Crochet World (I think) years and years ago. I remember making them for my niece and nephew when they were small. A few weeks ago, the dental hygienist came to school to give all the kids a good talking-to, and a cleaning/exam. Little Miss came home all excited, with an excellent report and a note that one (unspecified) tooth was just the tiniest bit loose. It still isn't loose enough for me to figure out which one is going to jump out first, and Little Miss is not updating me on progress. It's possible she hasn't been trying very hard to find it.

Still, I figured it was about time to dig out the pattern and get started. I modified it slightly by adding a hanging loop to the top, in hopes that I can convince her to hang it on her bedpost. The last thing any poor tooth fairy needs is to be digging around her bed in the dark trying to find one tiny little tooth...

Here we go with the close-ups.

Front: as requested, brown eyes...

Back: love the little bow on the pocket.

 Slightly better shot of the hanging loop:

I suppose I should probably go ahead and make one more while I have all of the supplies fished out and handy... It would probably save me a little trouble in the long run. We'll see if I can get motivated.

I did finally get some (okay, two) projects finished a few days ago- baby blankets (ordered by my husband for a couple of his friends). They turned out pretty cute, I think. One of them has been received already, and I'm told they're very happy with it, too. Thank goodness. I worry about that when I make blankets for strangers. I'll have pictures in a couple of days...

I have several other projects on the go. Hopefully some of them will get launched soon. I'm busy, busy. See you soon!

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