Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Has (Finally) Sprung?

We've been keeping busy here, waiting and wishing for temperatures to finally feel like spring- and to stay that way!

I think it might finally be here. I hope. Even if it isn't, I couldn't wait any more. I just couldn't stand it. My daffodils finally popped (this is the latest they've ever bloomed since we've been here), and so have I! As we speak, my sweet husband is attempting to till my garden beds. Well, the ones that are still empty, anyway...

Like I said, I couldn't stand it another minute. I've already stuck a few onions in the ground and just the other day, I went ahead and planted my peas, too. But everything else is still empty and waiting. The lady at the greenhouse/nursery told me that Good Friday is the day. That's supposedly when everything else will be able to go out. Which is a good week and a half before what the internet told me was our last average frost date. I don't think it really matters either way, because the weather for most of the next ten days is supposed to be very wet and stormy. I'm not going out and attempting to plant anything in that...

Still... I started my seeds at the beginning of last week. I wasn't expecting anything to happen very quickly, but they all popped their little leaves up super soon. Except for the little pepper plants. Every single one of them is taking their sweet time. Just today, I'm seeing the first signs of them starting to think about joining us out here. Which is right on schedule, according to the package they came in. Not sure why the tomatoes, cucumbers, and cucamelons got so excited and sprouted so quickly, but they did. :) Maybe they have just as bad a case of spring fever as I do?

My husband told me to stick them outside, so here they sit, on the top shelf of my new toy. (Technically, we bought it on clearance last year, but I only just got it set up this week.) I stuck all of my herbs in there for now, too.

 Here's my new toy from the front. It's actually turned out to be a lot bigger than I expected. Still doesn't keep me from wanting a bigger one someday, but for now this will be a good size to play with. Or so my husband tells me. ;)

Here's a shot from the side. You can see it's two shelves dee-... Wait. What is that down in the corner there?

Let me try to get a little bit closer...

Huh. That was definitely not there yesterday. Maybe I can get closer without disturbing anyone...

It looks like we have some new neighbors, doesn't it? I sure hope they aren't as obnoxious as the upstairs neighbors are. (Those stinking squirrels just have no manners whatsoever. They keep attempting to eat my house.)

My girls haven't found this yet. I wonder how long it will take them to notice it? (I wonder if the little one can stand to leave it there and not touch it? Pretty sure that having her baby sister pick up the house and run off with it might ruin the magic for Little Miss.)

I have plans to put a nicer one in the backyard, as soon as I can find some decent (and more importantly, both affordable and weather resistant) doors and windows to attach to the tree. I might even set up a very simple one at the tree with my flowers. Maybe.

Let's see... In other news this week, we signed up (and ordered more seeds) to be butterfly heroes over at the National Wildlife Federation. (My daughter got her first magazine this week, and they had a feature on it.) The NWF is working with a seed company that we ordered from, Botanical Interests, and they've got butterfly seeds to give to everyone who takes the pledge on the Butterfly Heroes page. (While supplies last, of course.) They're also having a contest to win a trip to Disney World, apparently.

Taking the pledge requires posting a photo of you (or better yet, your adorable kids) making the ASL sign for butterfly. I thought you might like to see a few of our reject pictures. Although, I'm pretty sure one of these is what we had to end up using as the final entry. Baby Girl tends to get bored before I can get good pictures. (Not necessarily her fault. I sort of suck at photography...)

So, that's all for now, I guess. It's fast approaching Easter weekend, which means another birthday party is around the corner. (And I still haven't gotten organized enough to post shots from the last one!) Should be lots of pictures available for grandparents in the next week or two. If only I can manage to get them up here...

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