Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Desperately Seeking Stephanie!!

If your name is Stephanie, and you left me a comment on my giveaway post, PLEASE send me an email with your mailing address! You are my winner!

Here's what the winning comment said:

Stephanie said...
I would love to win this! I am a mommy that just got a sewing machine. I would love to make things for my babies.

Here's my problem. I can't find your email address! I've been trying and trying to get it to work, but my stupid computer will NOT cooperate with me! (I am certain that this is a problem on my end, and not yours, but the result is the same: an error message telling me I'm stupid for thinking the computer would do what I want, and no way to get in touch with you...)

So, please, please, throw me an email so I can get your goodies on their way. I would love for you to use these fabrics to make wonderful things for your babies.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giveaway Winners!! And other stuff...

Merry Christmas everybody!! I hope everyone has been and will continue to have an amazingly wonderful holiday full of love and joy. :)

I know that everyone is really hear to find out the winners, so I won't drag this out for you. I have some pictures at the bottom of the post for those who want to stick around. ;)

My first winner is..... commenter #2


I've sent you an email, so keep a lookout for it. Congratulations! You will be receiving a lovely little parcel full of Quilt Diva. :)

My second winner is.... commenter #10


Now, Stephanie, this is super important. I could not find an email address anywhere on your profile. So, I NEED you to send me an email, or comment on one of my blog posts. Otherwise, I won't have a mailing address, and I won't be able to mail you your lovely little Moonbeamers. And that would make us both sad. :( So, give me a shout as soon as possible, please...

Okay, for those of you still here, I have a few more pictures of Christmas gifts. They've all been opened now, so it won't spoil any surprises. :)

First off, I think these are the last couple of food pictures. Here's breakfast: pancakes and syrup, bacon and fried eggs. Don't forget the butter!

Whole eggs and green beans in a can...

Here's another hat. Last year, I think there were two of these done up. My poor SIL had to wait a whole year for hers, bless her heart. She has one now. :)

And finally, a mustache necklace. Don't ask me why. My niece is obsessed with mustaches. It has to be a fad of some sort, because I'm seeing them everywhere... She requested this months ago. Now she has it. :) I'm waiting for photographic evidence that she actually wears it. :)

I hope your Christmas has been wonderful. Ours started out pretty great, but suddenly, its headed way downhill... It's bad enough that I woke up sniffing and snotting, and getting worse as the day goes on, but now my Little Miss is sick. She hasn't acted well all afternoon, but now the puking has started... :( Hope it doesn't last long... Merry Christmas everyone! And happy stitching.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Post Before Christmas

First off, let me remind you about my giveaway. (Because I forgot to mention it last time. Ooops!) It will end on Christmas Day, so there's still time for you to enter. :)

How is everyone doing on their holiday prep? I'm such a slacker this year, I swear. I think it's because I feel so behind schedule and unorganized. I suppose that comes from being away from home for about half the year... I pretty much scrapped a lot of my baking right off, at the beginning of the month. I don't have anyone to help me eat it anyway... I've been squeezing in little amounts of candy or cookies anytime Little Miss is cooperative, and I sorta feel like I need to do more... At this point though, I don't think much more is going to be accomplished, and I seem to be okay with that. (As mentioned above, I'm a total slacker this year.)

There are a couple more candies I would love to make, and another batch of cookies, and then I'm done. Except for the birthday cake my daughter has insisted her daddy NEEDS. (Poor thing, he's a Christmas Eve baby. He doesn't get many birthday cakes. Mostly, he seems fine with that... At least, that's what he says... )

I did managed to get everything finished and "wrapped" (meaning that nearly all gifts ended up in bags, instead of pretty wrapping paper). Even the last minute pillows that I just started. :) Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the first one, and it is one of the few things that ended up actually being wrapped in real paper... On the plus side, it stays at my house. So, we'll see it again on Christmas Eve (it goes with the annual Christmas jammies) and I'll have another chance to snap a pic. The pillows were simply fleece tied together- quick and simple. Hers is in the shape of a heart, blue and pink. I think she'll like it. (In fact, I know she will, because she watched me make it.) I did remember to take a pic of the other one. It's here somewhere... Oh, yeah, there it is- way at the end of the post. Ooops.

And I have a few more pics of the felt food. There's still a lot of it that hasn't been posted yet... Maybe I went a little overboard? It was fun though. And I hope to make more of it this year. :)

Hamburgers, onion slices, and tomato in this picture...

Carrots, tater tots (because it sounded easier than French fries), and little goldfish crackers...

I love this cookie set. Here's a shot of some of the finished and frosted cookies on the cookie sheet...

And an overview of the whole set. These are the only ones that Santa will be bringing. Because once I had them arranged in the kitchen, they looked so cute, I couldn't bear to move them... The rest of the felt food is safely wrapped and under the tree...

Here we go. The fleece pillow. The face is felt, and the whiskers are yarn. I think he turned out pretty cute. And so does Little Miss. She tried to swipe it last night. (I think her exact words were "...and finish it, and wrap it, and put it in my bed!" As if there were room in her bed for one more thing!) :)

Well, I'm off to maybe sneak in a little baking (or maybe laundry... it's getting pretty necessary...) if Little Miss will allow. I hope everyone has an incredibly wonderful holiday filled with family, food, friends, and love. (And maybe even a little sewing?) :) Merry Christmas everyone!

(My spell check doesn't want to work today for some reason. Please excuse any errors you might find...) 0_O

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

I've decided to join up in the UFO Challenge over at Patchwork Times. I missed the sign-ups last year, but boy, do I ever need to finish up some of this stuff! So, this is the year I'm gonna try it. I hope.

Here's my list of UFO/WIP's:

1) Top Secret Quilt. This is going to be a Christmas present. If it ever gets finished. I've been planning it for at least 5 years now, and I actually started trying to piece it... 3 years ago. I think. Anyway, I ran into some difficulties with the design that I wanted and it's been languishing in a box for ages. This is the year it NEEDS to get done. I want to wrap it up and give it away already!! (Sadly, it didn't happen this year. Here's to 2012 being THE year!)

2) My mitten quilt. The top is done. I just need to layer it and start the quilting. And I would love to do all of that before the weather warms up and I can't stand the thought of working on a wintery quilt. ;)

3) The elephant wallhanging. Because I take my Christmas quilts down, and then have this huge blank spot on my wall for the rest of the year. :( I really need to get this done so I can hang it up... This one still needs a LOT of work...

4) The Birdie BOM that I started... Yeah, that would be the one over at Little Miss Shabby. The one that just ended. All of the blocks are pieced, but all but 3 still need to be embroidered... and then sewn together...

5) My charm quilt. I've been sewing these little hexies together for years, off and on. Most of them are joined now. I still need to finish the last of the borders, piece the backing and quilt the durn thing...

6) The leafy wallhanging. See explanation for elephant wallhanging, only for the fall months. ;) I started quilting on this one. Last year sometime... Need to finish the quilting and bind it.

7) The Saltbox Harvest quilt. I bought a kit to make a fall wallhanging. Then I got it home and pieced the top and realized that it was a whole quilt, and way to big to hang in the spot I wanted to hang it. Needs quilting and binding.

8) Paddington. The quilt top is all pieced. Just need to quilt him up.

9) A flower BOM I got at Jo-Ann's about 4 years ago. (I think.) All the blocks are pieced, but the applique and embroidery isn't finished yet. Lots of work left there.... :(

10) The small quilt I started last year. The top is pieced. But then, I decided the border needed something else and I started to applique flowers to it. Need to applique the last flower and then quilt the stupid thing. (It probably isn't really stupid. But I might be. Why on earth would I keep fiddling with something like that when it was less than a month before Christmas???)

11) My Holiday Happy strippy quilt. I got the top pieced (for a FNSI last winter), but it needs trimmed and, of course, quilted. Hopefully in time to snuggle under it next Christmas.

12) And, finally (notice I didn't say last? It's the last I'm listing, but I'm pretty sure there are a couple more hiding down there somewhere...), my OTHER Holiday Happy quilt. It will be a lone star, if it ever gets done... I'm using paper pieces for it, and I am still in the process of basting the fabrics and figuring out what will go where. Not certain that this one will actually be finished by the end of the year, but I'm willing to give it a go...

So, there is my list of the stuff that needs to get done ASAP. I don't know for certain that I can get all of that, and all of the future projects (I've already started getting quilt requests for NEXT Christmas!!) done in one short year, but I sure am willing to give it a go! I refuse to promise to work on them in the order listed above, depending on what mood strikes me when, but I promise to do my best with all of them in the year to come! ;)

How about you? Got any UFO's you'd like to tackle? Here's the link to join up with Judy for the UFO Challenge:

See you there! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

My First Giveaway...

...but first, a little bit of babble. Feel free to skip down a bit if you want.

So, as you may know if you look back a few posts, I didn't get very much done this year, sewing-wise. But, I did get a few (small) things done. And I thought I would finally get some pictures posted. Of what I could show, anyway. The next couple of posts, (if all goes to plan) will be of my daughter's Christmas presents. She doesn't read my blog, so the surprise won't be ruined. Besides which, she sat and watched me make them anyway. It was a tiny hotel room.

So, she will be getting a huge play kitchen from Santa this year. (We even worked out an early delivery deal with the fat man, so it's already assembled and waiting. Love it!) And, I really am not liking the plastic food that they sell these days. It's all so mini... when my sister had her kitchen, the plastic food was bigger. (No, its not because I was smaller, although I was. She still has some of it tucked away somewhere, and I've seen it more recently. It really was a decent play size.) The chickens (or turkeys) that came with this kitchen are so puny... a bit smaller than an egg. And it's supposed to be an entire roast chicken!! Anyway.... I've been seeing adorable felt foods all over the internet, and I decided to try my hand at making some for the kitchen...

I didn't really manage to get as much done as I wanted. (When do I ever?) But, I did get quite a bit, and if she likes it and plays with it a lot, I'm planning to add to her little collection over the next year or so. There are still a lot of cute foods I want to try to make. (They were right. Making this stuff IS kinda addictive...)

Up first, bananas. The pattern I had was for a plain old banana. But I saw an idea (somewhere- sorry I forgot exactly where....) for one that unzips. So, I fiddled with it until I managed to get this. I kinda like it. And I hope she does too. :)

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... I only hope she can tell that that's what it is... (my husband had a little difficulty. I had to tell him....)

I promised months ago that I would make sure she got a new tea set. So, I made some tea bags and sugar cubes to go with it. I think I'm gonna stick them in with the tea set before I wrap it...

I have more pics, which I will try to put up here over the next few days... (You have been warned.) ;)

And, now, we get to the real reason you all came here today. :) The giveaway. I am going to, purely out of necessity, embark on a massive organization project in my sewing room this coming year. It would already be done if there were more hours in the day and days in the month. Oh, well. It will get done, even if it takes all year.

In light of this massive clean out, I have made the decision to part with some of my beloved stash. Since I have (long ago) managed to achieve S.A.B.L.E. (for my family, Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy), I have more yummy fabric than I will ever manage to use. And even though I love it, and even though it's great, I have had to face facts. I am never going to use it. Never. There are too many new projects and fabrics yelling for my attention. The projects that this fabric was purchased for have been pushed aside so often that they have been forgotten... That is so sad. These are great fabrics that deserve to be loved and used. And so, they need a new home.

First up, THE RULES: I'm keeping this very short and simple. Because who needs hassle at this time of year, right?

Rule 1) Leave me a comment, and you're entered. (Please make sure I have some way of contacting you.)

That's it. Simple. I like simple.

I got this started later than I wanted, so comments are open until Christmas Day, Dec 25th. At whatever time our daughter wakes us up. At some point during the day, I'll pick two names at random, and they'll be my winners.

Now, for the prizes:

Prize #1- jellyroll of Quilt Diva, plus 2 panels, one of which might actually be Stash Management. But they're still cute. :)

Prize #2-Moonbeamers. Such cute fabric! This is a (book) panel, some yardage, and a little quilt kit, complete with matching binding.

Like I said, it's wonderful fabric that needs a home full of love. It has been sadly neglected for too long. So, good luck everyone. I hope that whoever gets this lovely fabric will enjoy creating with it.

Now, I have to get back to work. There's groceries to buy, cookies and candy to make, LOTS of presents to wrap, a couple of last minute gifts to try to make, etc. etc. :) I do love Christmas!

Happy stitching!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting my "geek" on...

But only just a little. ;) I don't really qualify as a geek. (I'm just not smart enough.) But, as my husband is quick to point out, I have some distinctly geeky leanings. He usually starts telling me this anytime I mention a tv show, movie, or book that is in any way science fiction-y. (He has flat out refused to have anything to do with Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, and he made gagging noises through most of the Twilight movie rerun on tv a few weeks ago... Ok. Slight exaggeration, I'll admit. He didn't make gagging noises. He just complained about the movie for the entire time it was on...)

But, that's another story. Never mind. Anyway...

Back in July, we were preparing for a family vacation. And I had a little problem. I LOVE my kindle. But I really was not loving the case I had bought for it. I needed something to protect it when it was floating around the nightmare that is my purse (where it lives anytime I leave the house), but I needed something it would just quickly slide out of when I wanted to read. The purchased case was way too heavy and bulky for comfortable reading. Not to mention that there was an open side, which had a habit of letting various objects sneak in and rub against the screen, basically defeating the whole purpose of a case...

So, I took matters into my own hands. And, not having a pattern within easy reach, I faked it. The result? An adorable little bag, sturdy enough to make sure my reader doesn't get squished in my bag, but easy to pop it out of for easy reading.

The design? A tardis. (This is where my geeky-ness leaked out a little bit.) I really couldn't think of a better image to put on my kindle.

After all, just like the tardis, my kindle is apparently bigger on the inside. ;)

This is the back view. (I added the little button in place of the flashing light. After I assembled the thing and realized that I forgot to quilt it into the design... oops!)

I've been using it for a while now, and I still like it just as much as I did before. :) I love it when that happens.

So, that's it for now. I'll be back in a few days. Now, I'm off to attempt a little more Christmas prep. I feel so unorganized and behind schedule this year! I suppose that's what I get for wandering the country for most of the year... Time to try to catch up! See you next time.

(And, I hope to have a little announcement then, so stay tuned! It's a surprise.)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm not dead... just roaming.

Or rather, I was roaming. Now, I'm finally back home, and attempting to get all caught up and maybe even (in my dreams, at least) organized. Christmas is already upon us, and I'm so very far behind...

I still have a post that I wanted to get up here before our vacation... Way back in July...

Ooops!! (I promise to try to get that posted soon.)

So, where have I been? Well, at first, we went on vacation with my family. (For a week. I know, I've been gone soooo much longer than that.) And then, my husband got a six week job, and I thought it would be nice to go with him. Because, we really didn't want him to be that far away for so long. (And also, I've always wanted to go there, and never have. I sort of thought it might be my one and only chance, so I jumped at it.) And so, we loaded up the truck and headed for California. Imperial County, California. (Which is in the middle of the desert, and only a few miles from Mexico. Where we did not have the chance to visit. Oh, well. Maybe next time.) ;)

Thank goodness we went with him, because six weeks turned into almost four months! Don't get me wrong, we had a nice time. We saw new places and neat things. For my daughter and myself, it was our first trip across the Mississippi. (Which was not super impressive. But that's a different story.) It was our first trip to the desert, and the Pacific Ocean. Both were very neat. (Can't really say 'cool' because it wasn't. At least not the desert. It was pretty warm in the desert...) ;) And also, we got to see lots of cool trees. Huge trees. Really really huge trees. (That was my hubby's favorite part. He's already planning the next trip.)

What we didn't see much of, was time to craft. We lived in a tiny hotel room. (Although it was twice the size of the hotel room we had earlier in the year in Florida. Thank goodness.) And, the toddler was active. Way too active for much in the way of needles... At least at first. She settled down towards the end, and I finally did get a little bit accomplished. And, I need to get some pictures of all of that stuff up here too...

So, until I get a few more minutes to type up something quilt-y, or at least fabric-y, here are a couple of snaps from our very long trip.

This was in northern California. Actually, all of these pics are...

This is near the Lady Byrd Grove (I think that's what it's called). She's waving to the critter. Which is a banana slug. (I don't think you can really see that in this one. Sorry.) She was fascinated by it.

This is the first sign I have ever seen that asks this question. I'm wondering if maybe the guy was trying to convince you to take some of his?

(Believe me, he had plenty.)

He had this lovely fellow, who refused to pose for a good picture. No matter what we did, he would not look at the camera.

This guy was there, in a little... campground, I guess it was, (There were a few buildings, and a church nearby, too. I think.) with about 50- or possibly more, I didn't actually count- of his nearest and dearest. The herd apparently just claimed the whole area. Cars just drove around them or waited until they moved. Fortunately the things seemed to have enough sense to stay off of the main highway. But they camped out in the driveways and access roads... And everywhere else!

We have about ten million pictures from California, and everywhere along the way. Okay, maybe not quite ten million... but we have A LOT! I haven't even managed to look at them all yet. Don't panic. I promise I won't bore you with all of them! :)

I just wanted you to know that I'm back, and I haven't just totally abandoned my blog. And next time I post, I will have some sort of fabric-y something to show! Until then, happy stitching!