About me

Stephanie is a first-time stay-at-home mom with a beautiful baby girl who is growing up way to fast. In an attempt to spend more time on the truly important things in life, she has chosen to focus on enjoying her daughter's infancy, toddlerhood (and probably most of her childhood) by ignoring all housework in favor of spending time with Little Miss. ; )    She squeezes in time with her multitude of hobbies whenever she can (i.e. those brief moments of the day when Little Miss is asleep, but before Stephanie passes out from exhaustion).
      Stephanie dabbles in many different hobbies, including (but not limited to): quilting, crochet, knitting, embroidery, birdwatching, reading, and baking/cake decorating. She considers herself something of a "jack-of-all-trades, and if asked, she would probably tell you that she is only an "advanced beginner" level at most of her needlework hobbies- even the ones she has been practicing for years.
      Before her recent career change, she worked in a variety of jobs. Most recently, she was employed in the nuclear maintenance industry. One of the worst things about the job (aside from the dirt and filth) was being forced to keep her work boots on while operating a sewing machine. (She HATES to sew with shoes on.) Her current position as "house mommy" is the most challenging and rewarding job she has ever held, and she looks forward to many years of this wonderful new career.

Yes, I know. Its not  really a serious bio, but it is all true. That's what counts. Right?